02/10/2012 06:32 BST | Updated 01/12/2012 05:12 GMT

Could the Secret of Romance of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor have been an evening of Sea bas and Sancerre in Swansea?

They say the April weather is like a woman's heart. But if you have ever been in Wales, where the legendary Richard Burton was born and later grew up, you know the Welsh weather can be more like the heart of Elizabeth Taylor, his tempestuous queen of the silver screen and real life, who married seven times.

In his diaries yet to be published Richard Burton describes his relationship with Elizabeth:

'I have been inordinately lucky all my life but the greatest luck of all has been Elizabeth'

Richard Burton's Welsh love of language was paramount, as he famously stated years later, with a tearful Elizabeth Taylor at his side, "The only thing in life is language. Not love. Not anything else." Despite his protestations, the romantic episodes in the turbulent life of the legendary couple, on screen and in real life is the stuff History is written about and etched in human psyche.

It is only natural for someone coming from a land of harsh weather, hard work, booze, brawls, music, and rugby and sea food to also imbibe the tempestuous nature of his surroundings in to his character. But could they have also shaped his romantic life?


If you have a brave heart for romance of the kind the legendary Burtons were lucky to experience and if you are willing to take on the Welsh weather, you may find out that Swansea, not far from where Richard Burton was born, can offer what you are after. A truly romantic experience which evens the Burtons might have fallen in love with.

In deed, if Richard and Elizabeth could ever return to the earth for a patch up, they will love to spend the evening at La Braseria in Swansea, with a bottle of Sancerre and Sea Bas! So unique and lovely is the experience this famous restaurant can offer that it can unite even departed souls which have fallen apart. No exaggeration!

La Braseria can hardly be called a restaurant. It is because it offers you almost everything you expect for a romantic evening, even if you are not prepared for one. It is anything but Welsh except for the romantic city of Swansea in the centre of which it is located. But it has a unique ambiance, a soul which grows vibrant as the evening grows with exotic strains of music and happy and relaxed clientele, selections of fresh food ingredients you can chose from and decide how you want them cooked and the most cavernous of wine collection you can chose from.

All you will need is a heart with a romantic disposition and some company to share it with.

Sea Bas and Sancerre and Swansea might not have been the secret ingredients for a exciting romantic evening for Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor when they lived on the Earth, but they would surely want to visit this little secret corner of paradise on the Earth to rekindle their legendary romance, if they could, and kiss and make up.