25/08/2016 04:03 BST | Updated 25/08/2017 06:12 BST

I Love My Body

Ian West/PA Archive


Now I've never been one to promote outright arrogance but loving your body has got to be one of the most important things to contribute to overall happiness. I am so sick of people telling me the ideal weight is "X", the best boobs are "X", blah blah blah. The truth of the matter is perfection is subjective and individual.

There is so much pressure on women to be "perfect". Tabloids are full of "who wore it better" or "is X pregnant?" (They may have had some bread earlier that day which made them a little bloated). Why can we not just pick up a magazine with normal, un-airbrushed women and feel good about ourselves? Skin, teeth, hair, weight, EVERYTHING is under the microscope and I can assure you most of the people I've met in real life look far different to their glossy magazine shoot appearances.

I suppose for me it's not about stopping the set up perfect shoots because maybe they make the individual doing them feel great, which I'm all for, but it's about making people aware that the people in the photos are not superior beings. We all have our differences and it's not realistic to believe that we all carry a ring light and hair and make up on standby everywhere we go. The reality is we have spots, stretch marks and muffin tops! Haha

So instead of a magazine picking up on these things as though they're un-human like or an absolute shock that a women would go out with a tiny pimple on her face, we should be just writing about the great things they're doing in their lives and ignoring that something like that would even make a difference to the person that she is. We are all human, that's one thing we have in common, and life is tough enough without feeling under pressure to be an image of unrealistic perfection.

I have childbearing, breastfeeding breasts which to me are perfect as they've served such a wonderful purpose (what they were made for btw) and my sister has cute little perky boobies which to her are also perfect. Thank goodness that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. And we need to start appreciating that WE are the beholders! We need to stop comparing individuals and start celebrating everybody's differences. I am healthy and happy and ultimately that's all that matters. I don't wish for anymore than that. I find beauty and perfection inside a person. As soon as somebody makes me laugh or stands up for what is right, to me there is nothing more beautiful and I'm immediately attracted to them. So let's boycott this crazy unrealistic idealism that people believe is "beautiful" and start finding the stunning features people posses on the inside.

It's such a powerful level of beauty. And as for anyone feeling the strain of modern society to fit in to these scrutinising categories, join the revolution, love yourself and all of your differences. The exterior is superficial and the interior will be your golden ticket to happiness. You might even save some valuable time and money on ridiculous beauty regimes too!