19/01/2016 11:14 GMT | Updated 09/10/2017 07:16 BST

The Lowdown on Current Trends in Wellness Travel...

I'm always being asked what's 'new' in the world of wellness travel which makes it very inspiring to be part of and hopefully we are responsible for helping to set the trends too! The start of the year is a good time to think what lies ahead and I'd say these are the main trends that are coming to the fore:

Skinny is not cool - gone are the days when starving your body to conform to a certain shape or look so it's deemed acceptable to the world at large is 'cool' - look at the outcry there was over the 'Beach ready' advert last year and hear, hear to the French Government for stipulating that models must have a medical certificate. Taking a wellbeing break where you can seek professional, nutritional advice, learn what personalised eating plan suits your needs and lifestyle or try a new type of eating such as raw food and embed change on your return is the clever way to go instead and is a rising trend.

50/50 Fitness &Spa - a combo of equal amounts of fitness and spa whilst you are away is definitely on the rise. State-of-the-art fitness facilities or natural surroundings where you can head outside to exercise are high on the agenda and hey, what could be better than exercising to the max and trying out new fitness activities and then having your tired muscles and energy levels restored with a firm massage?

Move away from your tech - we all know that it's neigh on impossible to get away from tech or being contactable 24/7 but it is possible if you take a wellness break where there is no Wi-Fi or it's positively frowned upon or only available at certain times. This is a growing trend now and one we think will continue to grow and grow because can you imagine the sheer bliss of not constantly checking your messages and instead getting down to the serious business of rejuvenation and relaxation?

Knock stress on the head - the world's gone mad - why is everyone so stressed all of the time? Stress is not a badge of honour and in fact it's a major killer. A wellbeing holiday where you can learn how to address stress, burn-out and adrenal fatigue with professional input & treatments is bang on trend and quite frankly the majority of us would do well to invest in ourselves and our health rather than the latest designer fashion item...!

Wellness and Culture - it can seem a shame to head off on a wellness holiday to foreign climes without having a chance to soak up the local culture and sights so not surprisingly, a growing trend is mixing a restorative spa break with the chance to get out and explore. It's a win/win - you get the opportunity to devote yourself to your health but also satisfy your inquisitive side too!

Freeing your mind - being able to calm your mind and zone out the constant chatter from all around is very powerful. Heading away on a healthy holiday which offers the chance to learn and practise meditation under master guidance is definitely on the increase and what an amazing life tool to possess eh with life-long, far-reaching benefits?