How to Startup With the Right Idea

You have an idea, maybe more than one, so which one do you start with and how can you be sure it's the right one?

You have an idea, maybe more than one, so which one do you start with and how can you be sure it's the right one?

Ideas are the product of imagination; our brain makes connections faster than a microchip. We are idea machines.

Start writing down all the ideas you have everyday and you'll think you're Einstein. So what makes an idea a good one?

•When you are clear on your why.

•When it feels good.

•When taking the next steps feels easy & natural, despite the obvious challenges of starting up.

IDEA + WHY + INSTINCT + ACTION = The right idea

Let's start with your why.

I see many people starting with a vision of the end product: the app, the book, the course, the podcast etc, but starting with a vision of the format rather than the function is the cart before the horse.

It's the function that changes the game; it's a product of your reason why. The perfect format is one that maximises the experience, and you can decide on that later.

{Why limit your idea to a $7.99 book when it could be a $1147 six week course? Why limit it to a $0.99 app when it could be a $249 software purchase?}

So let's the explore the function your why. Answer these questions:

What is your idea?

What do you want to create? List everything that's incubating in your head right now. Is there one in particular that stands out? Which one do you think about most often? Boil it down to it's essence. What is it at it's most simple?

Why do you want to create it?

You're excited, but why? Why are you so passionate about it? What is it about this particular idea that fires you up like a cat on a hot tin roof?

What does your idea change?

Does it make people happier, healthier free-er? Does it re-invent, re-imagine, re-create an existing idea? Does it make things easier or faster? Is it bigger or better? What does it challenge or replace? What game does it change? What everyday product or service are you revolutionising? What part of the status quo are you challenging?

What specific problem does it solve?

It's the solution to a problem that boils your blood. It's the answer to some kind of desire or need, real or unrealised, in the world around you.

Next: How does it feel?

When you close your eyes and think about creating, making, doing your idea, how does it feel? Do you feel a flutter of excitement, or sick with anxiety?

You will invest hours of your time, all of your energy, and $$$s into your idea. Your gut instinct -- tapping into your inner wisdom -- is the most powerful decision-making tool available to you as an entrepreneur. Trust it.

Set the timer for 5 mins, close you ideas, and envision yourself in the making, creating, doing of your idea. How does it feel?

Next: Take action.

It's true, there is blood, sweat and tears involved. There is challenge and failure ahead. Knowing that, does it feel easy to take the next step, no matter the outcome?

If you can answer yes, you have the right idea. At least for right now.

To function, feeling, & instinct.

Over to you.


Stephanie Holland is a strategist & traveller passionate about living with a wild vision & helping others do the same. She thinks everyone deserves to live with passion, purpose, and vision, and she's on a mission to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with perspective shifts & strategic frameworks that slice through the bullshit, smash upper limits, and minimise guesswork of self-made entrepreneurship. Grab Your FREE Guide to Validating Your Business Ideas DREAMS So They Make You Insanely Rich and receive two more startup tips, too.

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