14/07/2011 07:15 BST | Updated 17/09/2011 06:12 BST

Music From the Underground to the Overground

It's great to get an opportunity to bring some rock n' roll to The Huffington Post.

Ariana Huffington, Alec Baldwin, Bill Maher...and now...Stephen O' Regan...

Stephen who?

OK, you don't know me; but please indulge me a moment to feel a little special as I try find my writing feet on this famous bloggers ground.

Thank you.

By way of introduction, and as a way to set up this blog, this is the first and only time I'll give you the official back story.

In short I run a underground/ overground music website called BalconyTV. It's a strange little phenomenon.

Five years ago I was sitting with my two friends in our apartment in Dublin City Centre. Unusually for Dublin the sun was shining bright. It was a very rare occasion for us to step out onto our balcony and catch some light (while it lasted).

As I overlooked the city, I noticed that we had a bloody good view from where we were. I had never gave it the credit it deserved. You could see Dublin Castle, Trinity College, The Olympia Theatre, and Christ Church Cathedral.

'We really should get more use out of this balcony', I said to my friends. A cup of tea later, and the idea for BalconyTV was formed. A daily web show to be based exclusively on our tiny apartment balcony. It's funny how little thought some ideas take.

Don't think to much about it. Just do it!

The very next day, we were filming the first show. My two friends didn't have a choice. They became webtv presenters. I held the camera and have done so everyday since.

It's strange when an idea develops a life of its own.

Would you believe me if I told you that BalconyTV is now produced in 21 cities around the world? We've made over 5000 videos! Our shows have been watched over 22 million times.

But I'm not showing off. BalconyTV is a small idea that just likes to grow slowly. Most people think we are millionaires when they see a website spanning the globe off its own momentum. The truth is BalconyTV is run by people around the world who just love the concept...and a founder here on his laptop who is stubborn to the end.

Yes like even the world's biggest websites, we seek that elusive business model. We'll find it. I'm sure. I think. Anyone got one?

BalconyTV is about music. Music with a View is our tagline. We feature mostly unknown garage bands. The bands get to play one song. Usually just one take. In Dublin we use one camera, and one microphone. It's warts and all. But isn't that the way rock n roll is supposed to be? Who needs the make up?

Most of the bands who play on BalconyTV, you'll never hear about ever again...but some go on to bigger and better things. And when that happens we get a little thrill.

So that's the story. I could go on longer, but as an introductory blog entry, I have overly indulged. In future on this blog, I would like to just draw you attention to the bands and artists who need and deserve the love. You can say you saw them first : )

Are smileys allowed on Huffington Post?

To get the ball rolling on Blog No 1...a classic BalconyTV from November 2nd 2008...Mumford and Sons on BalconyTV Dublin. The band literally came up to our apartment and set up. The show is presented by our Pauline, who can't help but point out Marcus Mumford's shyness. It's fair to say the boys have done well since. We wouldn't have been so cheeky had we known.

Hope you enjoy the blog.

The Huff rocks!