05/04/2013 14:34 BST | Updated 05/06/2013 06:12 BST

My Crazy Week

This week saw the start of the momentuous celebration of my friend David Bowie's career at the V&A Museum in London. For those that don't know about it yet, it's an exhibition of his life in Pop, showcasing the art, music paraphernalia, and of course, fashion from his albums, music videos and performances. I was asked if I'd like to don the red carpet at its launch to snag the incoming celebs for a quick chat on camera. Naturally, I obliged.

There was a real buzz on the night, a great sense of purpose in celebrating this man work. Friends from times past, Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet, Holly Johnson from Frankie Goes to Hollywood, we all united in this feeling that glam was back that night. I felt engaged again.

I met actress Tilda Swinton for the first time that night too. She came up to me while I was on the red carpet and was complimentary to say the very least when she commented on my styling. I'm a big fan of Tilda's, she's a strong female with an individualistic style of her own so I that was really touching. We chatted for a while and ignited the beginnings of a future style-based project, but that's under wraps for now. Wink wink.

Those trousers, that makeup, the hair; Bowie was a huge fashion figure of his era. I was lucky enough to work with him on styling and art direction on Ashes To Ashes and we've stayed friends ever since. Fashion and music has had a lifelong synergy, and the New Romantic era, in my humble option, was the pinnacle.

We broke a lot of boundaries back then. Not just musically and in the way we dressed, but socially too. We embraced all notions of gender, sexuality and self-image. London was a heady, exhilarating place to be and I'm proud to say our Blitz Club night was centre stage for a good part of it.

It's been 29 years since the last Visage album, but we've finally done it. We've got a new record and I'm really, really pleased with it. It's called Hearts and Knives and is due out next month.

Styling and the image seems to be hot on the lips of lots of people when it comes to this new record. Yes, we are staying true to the original image and sound of Visage, the image of the band and my own stylistic choices won't be swayed by fast-fading trends. We created the trends back then; we want to stay true to our roots and to our fans. In my opinion, there's a lot to be desired in the current pop world. There's too much manufacturing and not enough innovating in the meeting of music and fashion. We need a few more Lady Gagas and a few less One Directions!