27/11/2014 09:12 GMT | Updated 27/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Why Getting Tough on Fat Is the Kindest Gesture

If you are too fat you may die early. With medical experts concurring that excess fat can lead to cancer, heart disease, stroke and an early grave, radical steps need to be taken. If one really cares about saving lives as well as reducing the burden on the already overstretched NHS, one would absolutely support measures that shock a nation into taking action to control weight. Political correctness is not only leading people to suffer; it is arguably killing them. The hairy feminists and academic talking books do nothing to reduce the size of a ballooning nation. Over the last ten years we have seen the largest spews of health education, and quite frankly if we don't know what to eat to be slim by now then we never will. Search online for ideas of what to eat to be slim and you will find millions of results. We are a nation that has become lethargic, and we have fallen into a host of bad habits. Yes, most steps taken to date just don't seem to be working.


Now we have the latest news which is to offer two million Brits weight loss surgery costing an estimated £12 billion. Such money would be better spent on helping terminal cancer patients. Do those in ivory towers spouting such theory not recognise that gastric band surgery can often result in patients liquidising junk food? The key is to motivate a fat nation to take ownership, and we should remember that motivation is about stick as well as carrot. Spoon feeding with gastric band surgery is an easy fix and will potentially bankrupt the NHS.

So as a pioneer of shock tactics, what do I believe needs to happen to take a nation that is currently getting into bed with fat, to one that is proud of its decreasing waistlines? Here I outline my four immediate cornerstones to help get us to own our body, get fitter, slimmer, and driven to live a long lasting life.

Stronger Restaurant Warnings

As more and more menus share the calorie count of what you might order I just do not think it goes far enough. Sure, they help but do they really drive people to make better choices? I'm not so sure. As with cigarette packets, menus need to contain a much stronger message. In short this should read 'If you are too fat THINK before ordering'. Warnings need to trigger the emotion and provoke the action. Airy fairy is never going to engage the mind of someone who is an habitual eater. This isn't about being cruel; it is about helping those whose bodies are facing a significant health risk to understand they need to take action and eat more healthily. Yes, if you really care you are direct.

Prosecute Junk Food Feeders

I am horrified when I hear about a super obese human being who is bed bound due to them eating too much. Who is feeding them? Yes, I absolutely want legislation passed that stipulates such feeders will be prosecuted. It is cruel and immoral. The same should apply to parents who continually feed junk food to obese kids. Of course offer the support, however if there is no evidence of change the appropriate penalty should be imposed.

Fast Food Restaurant Code of Practice

If someone is addicted to cocaine would you really keep supplying it to them without any intervention to wean them off it? I think not. So why are fast food restaurants serving the super obese with junk food? To me this feeds the dangerous habit of eating the kind of food that can cause cancer and other significant life threatening conditions. It is time to empower restaurant staff to refuse to serve those who are obviously putting their health in serious jeopardy. Train staff to do this sensitively yet firmly and it will be a breakthrough in sending out the message that fat can kill. Of course some will argue this goes against freedom of choice, but for me I prefer to save life.

Ban Fat Acceptance Groups

Any formal body that supports and endorses being fat to me is both wrong and immoral. How can a group that shouts from the roof tops 'don't worry, be fat, happy and clap your hands' be right for the health of a human being? Seeing someone desperate to lose weight only to then watch them fall under the spell of the fat acceptance lobby is wrong because staying fat may kill them. All the clap trap spouted about being proud of how fat you are is just cruel. So yes, ban these damn groups and perhaps it will take us a step further in becoming a nation that is proud of its reputation for endorsing a healthy lifestyle.

So there you have it. Will our nation stand up, be brave, and implement such measures? Right now I am not so sure. But in the end we may have no choice.