28/09/2011 09:25 BST | Updated 26/11/2011 05:12 GMT

Shuttur: Picture / Image Sharing Controlled by the Community

Shuttur is a new free image and hosting sharing that launched a week ago. Shuttur allows the community to upload images and then vote upon those images. Think of it as a Flickr + Reddit service.

Users sign up and add their images into certain categories. All users get their own profile which can act as an portfolio of their best images. Once images are uploaded they enter the queue where anyone signed in can vote up or down on that image. More points the image receives, the more pageviews it is likely to receive.

Anyone can browse through all categories and see the images without having to be registered. Additionally, there is Shuttur Instant, which requires no registration and anyone can just upload and share their images.

Shuttur is an ideal service for anyone looking to share their own photos, or just simply want to share cool images across the web.

Shuttur aims to showcase the worlds best images in one place and I think it does that perfectly. The best image sharing and free image hosting service online.