30/01/2017 08:59 GMT | Updated 31/01/2018 05:12 GMT

Choose Life

Artem_Furman via Getty Images

Choose life.

Choose to be chased from street corner to street corner by a police force equipped with loaded guns, from when you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night.

Choose life as a heroin addict. Choose a nine to five jobb without a pension or sick leave. Choose a criminal career. Choose a life without a family. Choose a life without discussions about TV series, deselect clean underwear, car insurance, a new iPhone and waterproof shoes. Choose the imminent danger of infectious blood transmitted diseases like HIV and hepatitis B and C. Choose arthritis, tooth decay and open wounds as a result of infections. Choose vitamin deficiency and potential brain damage. Choose friends who are capable of stabbing and killing you for a 20 quid. Choose zero life insurance. Choose a home on the street.

Choose minus 20 degrees celsius, one hundred days a year. Choose no travel days abroad. Choose to not be part of the stress involved in traveling to Crete, Marbella or the French Riviera. Choose clothes that comedians ridicule on prime time TV while simultaneously airing your dirty laundry. Choose a grimy all-purpose jacket with holes made by cigarette butts and pockets full of cigarette mess, shredded grocery store bags and empty pill-trays. Choose sallow skin, bags under your eyes and uncombed hair. Choose to never have to dress up or participate in boring family events. Choose a new lie when you wake up every morning; a new identity whenever you meet someone you can potentially scam 50 kroner from. Choose not to be bothered to look yourself in the mirror anymore. Choose to sit hours on end on a sofa filled with people you have known for years but don't recognize anymore. Choose to see friends kill themselves by their own vomit. Choose a life without using public libraries, swimming pools or transport.

Choose to never pay taxes or for a ticket. Choose to piss and shit yourself several times a week as an adult as the sphincter doesn't obey you anymore. Choose to be viewed as a spoiled and professionally criminal lazy blob who at the end of the day has "chosen this themselves". Choose an unfussy diet consisting of whatever you are served of third rate canteen food from the soup kitchen, or some form of bakery goods from 7 Eleven on a lucky summer's day. Deselect low carb diets, half marathons, voluntary work and football training with the son. Choose to go to your daughter's parents meeting and endure whispers about you smelling badly, looking ugly and that someone should remove your daughter from you. Choose to have your knee caps done in by mercenary soldiers with fighting experience from Beirut and Kosovo because you lost 1000 Krona when high on pills at the buss station.

Choose to be chased from street corner to street corner by a police force equipped with loaded guns, from when you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night. Then choose to be woken up by security guards saying 'you can't sleep here', only to get up and continue being chased. Chose to repeat this routine day in and day out, week after week, month after month and year after year.

Choose blue-black, coagulated veins and pupils that are as small as pinheads. Choose to rot away in an apartment and be found dead from an overdose by a neighbour six weeks later. Choose to end your life at a hospice or in a bedsit you don't even remember how you got into in the first place. Choose that your very last words are " have you got a lighter that works?". Choose a life as an addict.

But why would you choose something like this? Choosing not to choose life. Why not choose something else. What could be the reason?

There is no good reason. Who needs reasons when you have heroin?