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The Best Way to Have a Great Day!

How come some people always seem to be upbeat? They always seem to be smiling, nothing fazes them and yet they inhabit the same world as us. What is it that they're doing perhaps differently? What is the best way to have a great day?
Tom Merton via Getty Images

How come some people always seem to be upbeat? They always seem to be smiling, nothing fazes them and yet they inhabit the same world as us. What is it that they're doing perhaps differently? What is the best way to have a great day?

Let's look at some pointers on the best way to have a great day:

- Consider your perspective on life. Two people can have an identical experience, sit at the same table in a restaurant, choose to eat the same meal. And yet afterwards one person may complain that it was a dreadful evening with slow service and noisy clientele. The other person may have loved every minute, enjoyed the party atmosphere and eating at a slow leisurely pace. Look at how you react to experiences. Would you benefit from a more positive attitude, a more laid back approach?

- Treat setbacks as valuable lessons, ways to do things differently, perhaps even better than before. We can have a great day when we're receptive to offers of help after a setback and appreciate how much can be learned at these times. It's often the case that the very things which don't go to plan are the ones that teach us important lessons and open up doors to unexpected new opportunities.

- Value what you have in life. Yes, there may well be unpleasant things you cannot change. We all have routine and humdrum in our lives but making sure that we do things well, invest of ourselves, do a good job, take a pride in what we're doing even if we're 'only' sweeping the floor, washing dishes, clearing a pile of ironing can add value and satisfaction to each day. Many people would give everything to be where you are, doing those very same chores.

- Give yourself credit for the small things you achieve, the little successes each day. Stop momentarily and say 'well done' at making that difficult phone call, finishing something you were dreading, doing a good deed. When you appreciate what you've done you learn to value yourself and have a great day.

- Surround yourself with positive people and things. We all have to live and let live, be polite and tolerant of negative people and experiences sometimes. However, it's important to spend as much time as you can with supportive people who like, respect and encourage you, doing the things that you love, that make you feel great.

- Make time for nostalgia. Laugh and cry at old photographs, enjoy revisiting your music collection, make time to phone an old friend with whom you've not spoken in a while. Do things that make you feel good, like playing a musical instrument, getting out your paint brushes, spending time in the garden, walking in the countryside.

- Treat yourself well. Wear colours to brighten up your day. Invest time and care in your home, your personal space and make sure it's cozy, warm and welcoming. Buy a lovely bunch of flowers and put them somewhere unexpected like the bathroom. De-clutter and recycle the clothes that you no longer wear, the piles of papers, souvenirs and ornaments that are simply collecting dust. Photograph them, if necessary, as a reminder but clear your space and enjoy how much it improves your day.

- Look after your health by eating well, exercising, committing to going to bed a little earlier. Turn off your technology, your phone and computer an hour or two before bed and allow time to unwind. Enjoy a relaxing bath with lovely candles and oils and make time for a hair or facial treatment.

- Schedule fun ahead so that there's always something to look forward to. Some times of the year can feel a little devoid of fun so check for local events, shows, concerts and then organize a trip with friends or colleagues. Invite friends round for supper or an evening playing cards and board games. Having something in the diary can help you to have a great day.

- Volunteering, doing charitable work, being kind to others all are important ways to feel good. When we help others we feel positive, satisfied and useful. Even simple things like smiling at a stranger, saying 'hello', letting someone into the traffic, holding a door open, buying someone coffee can improve our mood and help us have a better day.

- Accept invitations, say 'yes' to opportunities and step out of your comfort zone at times. You never know where they may lead and it's important to occasionally scare yourself a little. Being receptive to new ideas and challenges adds excitement and the potential for new direction to our lives.

Engaging fully with life keeps us in the moment and in an optimistic frame of mind. Positive self-talk can support us to live life well, do the best we can and value who we are. These tips offer suggestions on the best way to have a great day.