Knitting is for Cool Kids

10/08/2011 00:00 BST | Updated 09/10/2011 10:12 BST

I never knew I was so hip. I never knew I was so stylish. I never knew I was in the now. I never even dreamt that I was one of the cool kids.

When I first picked up a pair of knitting needles, it was a terribly un-cool thing to do. I suppose my peers were outside, climbing trees or playing knock and run like all the other popular kids. Not me. I was safely tucked up inside, churning out an off-white square of wool which was to be turned into a blanket at some point by my long suffering mother. The blanket was supposed to be for my impending baby sister. She's 23 now and still shivers at night time due to her lack of blanket as a baby. Full of holes, mud, sweat and tears- my first piece is still lurking somewhere in the loft at my mother's house. I like to think I will one day pick up that grubby garment and finish the blanket.

Since then, I have managed to actually finish a few things. During my last pregnancy, I knocked out quite a few pairs of booties, a Christmas stocking and a hooded baby blanket, all of which we used. And all of which did not fall apart. Happy days.

However, it was only during a staff meeting at school the following September that I admitted my little secretive passion for knitting. I volunteered to run a knitting group. Oh, there were sniggers, but I had waiting lists for the whole year. Everyone wanted to get down with the knitting needles in my club. Still, I did always tend to make a joke about it, like I knew really how un-cool knitting is. Only grannies and all that. Truth be told though, the kids really enjoyed it, despite the frustration of learning how hold needles and pick up wool at the same time. That was my frustration, not theirs, by the way.

Imagine my surprise then, to discover that ten years ago, knitting became an ultra cool hobby! I read an article in The Guardian which assures me that all of my click-clacking over the years has not just been a shameful hobby but has actually been me- yes, me!- becoming part of the 'In Crowd'. Well, you could've knocked me down with a ball of double Arran 3ply!

Apparently, knitting 2.0 is upon us and the recession is driving more and more people to pick up some sticks and bash out a cardigan or two. So, now who's laughing? While I was so terribly un-cool, I am now in the position to be able to knock up a pair of leg warmers or a cosy headband for the winter in just one afternoon. Ok, so the former might look like they belong to a giraffe and the latter might be so small my brain literally hurts with the pressure but at least I made them myself! What can YOU knit?

So, there you have it. If the recession and lousy British summer weather is getting you down, don't fret. Just pick up your sticks and smile. You're one of the cool kids now.