Perfect Winter Lipstick Shades

12/12/2011 23:02 GMT | Updated 11/02/2012 10:12 GMT

I read something fun that make-up artist Daniel Sandler wrote on Twitter recently. He suggested going to a supermarket or chemist, and buying a new item of make up for the weekend. I did exactly that just a few days ago. I have made a decision to wear a different lipstick every day next week. And really 'wear' it - so if necessary reapply throughout the day - make it my main 'make-up focus'.

I am starting rehearsals for a play on Monday. The cast and production team may think I look a little crazy wearing a different striking lipstick each day - but I have so many that I should wear more - so I am going to do it! Maybe on Monday I will go for a fairly safe choice having said that!

My new favourite, that I wouldn't used to have considered a day-to-day shade but I have fallen in love with it, is Marcel Wanders' moisturising lipstick for M&S in 'Jewel'. The small make-up range he has done is pretty fabulous - he is a Dutch designer who has also designed gift and homeware pieces for M&S - and this lipstick is exactly what I feel I need in my life for December. My skin is fairly pale, which is a great time to make the most of some fabulously bold lipstick colours.

It really lasts. It doesn't feel uncomfortable - such a strange way to describe how a lipstick feels - but it's moisturising and yet matte so it doesn't move around. This texture is ideal for a bolder shade, it is still going to be there evenly on the lips, even after hours of wear.

This lipstick comes in three shades -

Jewel - Deep Pink Cerise

Damask - Nude Rose Brown

Vamp - Striking Red

I think finding a good red lipstick can be very difficult, I definitely will give 'Vamp' a try. The shade 'Jewel' appealed to me so much because it really is quite unusual. I think with lipsticks it's always safer to look at the colour in the shop, but buying online is so easy! I possibly have too many lipsticks already, that I should be using, that fit into the 'Damask' shade category. I say that, it could well be mine soon enough...

The lipsticks are £9.50, and there is a current buy one get one half price offer on the make-up range. Fabulous christmas gifts and stocking fillers too!

Here is the link to Marcel Wanders' for M&S -

Marcel Wanders Moisturising Lipstick