12/04/2017 08:50 BST | Updated 12/04/2017 08:51 BST

Let Me S.P.E.L.L It Out For You


Our little man seems quite on the ball for a 2.5 year old, you can't tell him we're off on an adventure because he will want to do it right there and then. Although that could just be mummy's impatience rubbing off on him.

As he's getting more articulate and his memory is getting better, I'm more aware of what's on the TV if he's in the room - especially the news. I believe that there are things a little one just doesn't need to see. We've no idea how much he's taking in. I wasn't sure when this would happen but knew it would at some point.

The funny side of him changing, listening and remembering has been entertaining. If he overhears me talking on the phone and I mention the park, he immediately says: "park please mummy". If I go to the freezer to get peas or ice cubes, Rocco will push me out of the way and reach for the lollies. If I call my mum on handsfree, Rocco will immediately say "can we visit Papa now please".

We can't mention holidays without Rocco requesting to watch the video on my phone of him on a plane last summer and asking when we're next going on one. Good point actually son.

I'm finding myself more conscious of the conversations we have in front of him, there are just some things he doesn't need to hear, although our adult conversations are all kid orientated these days anyway.

So I've taken to spelling key words out when I'm talking to Mr S, but for someone as clever as Mr S he just doesn't get it!

For example Mr S will ask what we're up to today. I will spell out the words park, farm, swimming etc. I'm not sure why I bother because as soon as I spell it, I can see Mr S spell it out in his head and then say it out loud! The Rockstar hears it and is off to find his shoes and go on and on about it until we actually go out. Thanks Dad.

Rocco also has a thing about new stuff from shoes to toothpaste - he doesn't like them if he knows about them! I also don't make a big deal out of new stuff to the little man, trouble is Daddy does.

I bought Rocco a different toothpaste the other day but didn't mention it, just popped it on the toothbrush and he cleaned his teeth. That night Mr S was getting him ready for bed and said ' Oh Rocco look you've got a new toothpaste' to which the reply was "Nooooooo Daddy I don't like it".

I had bought Rocco a new pillow and popped it in his cot (yep he's still in the cot and I'm in no rush to move him), Mr S puts him to bed and just before I can say 'don't mention the new P.I.L.L.O.W' he says: "Oh Rocco look at this lovely soft new pillow". Then I hear the screaming: "Noooo Daddy I want my other pillow".

Oh Daddy will you ever learn?

I wonder if it's a Mummy thing. Until recently my sister and I were still spelling words out in front of my niece, she's now 7 and reminds me that she can spell now.

Maybe Mr S and I should start communicating by writing things down in future or maybe carry on as we are and our son will be a genius speller or at least Daddy may get the hang of it!

Every day offers a new challenge, I'm getting a year older and we're still adapting to parenthood.

Right, I'm off to call the girls and organise a night out for a glass of W.I.N.E!

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