28/11/2016 08:56 GMT | Updated 25/11/2017 05:12 GMT

Social Media - As Parents Do We Share Too Much?

This week I posted a picture of my dad in hospital, he asked me to. It was after an emergency heart procedure, I think he was pushing for sympathy and comments - he got them by the bucket load. They helped him and us feel a lot better, knowing we had support from his friends and my friends. It felt strange to post something so personal but it felt good in the long run.

It got me thinking about how much I share online? I play around with my blog, just to 'vent' but I happily express my feelings and issues on parenting. On Facebook I try to be cryptic sometimes, it doesn't always work. I vowed never to be that parent that posted pictures of my child, it didn't work, I am that person.

How will Rocco feel about me letting the world see him in fancy dress outfits, covered in ice cream, looking super cute in a santa baby grow? On Insta I try and be more arty, it doesn't work, the extent of me being creative is turning the image into black and white.

I don't post pictures or topics that would encourage debate or be controversial. Some people post about how bad their week is, how much they hate their job or how their kids are driving them mad. Others write one liner cryptic messages, awaiting the sympathy comments.

If the status offers advice or knowledge then go ahead and post it, if you're telling me what you've done today, what you had for lunch and what you watched on TV then I'm not sure I need to know.

The trouble is I know I do it and I hate it.

The parents I know tend to post about milestones in their child's life - She rolled over, he walked, she used the potty. Sometimes it can sound a bit competitive or I tend to take it that way. I sometimes question my parenting skills or my son's development just because of something I've read on social media. Ridiculous.

Around my son's birthday I always get nostalgic about him being premature and super tiny when he was born, so found myself re-posting pics of him when he was born and how lucky I feel. I can hear my followers say ' oh no not again', 'I had a tiny baby and don't go on about it every year'. Why would I share that journey? I was told we would regress and re-live that time of our lives, not sure it needs to be shared though. I hope sometimes that it helps anyone that is going through the same thing.

This week I spotted a 'celeb' posted a pic of her breast feeding her baby whilst playing with her niece. It was a super cute picture, they had matching outfits on but she got backlash she got from posting a picture of her breast feeding. She's been an advocate for breast feeding in public but I wondered why she feels the need to do it.

Then another blogger has been ridiculed for posting pictures of her son wearing really cool unisex clothes. Personally I think he looks great but again she got backlash for it.

Product Endorsement is another really annoying social media gripe of mine. I understand how product endorsement works on social media. But I think the celebs should be honest and say they've been given the teeth whitening kit for free. Don't set up the shot, people aren't stupid. If you've been lucky enough to be sent product, as I have in the past, and you like it then by all means promote it on social media. Word of mouth is the best advertising.

I feel like a mass contradiction to be honest, social media is addictive: it sells, it allows people to communicate, you can share happy times with friends, you can gloat that you're in sunnier climes by posting those gorgeous beach photos.

That said, maybe think twice before you post a status and before you comment. I am going to remember that not everyone wants to know my son has learnt to drive his go kart around a circuit at the age of 3 (here's hoping) Social Media is real, you can hurt someones feelings and once it's written or posted that it is it, it's done.

Photo Credit Tamara Spurway