28/01/2013 12:23 GMT | Updated 29/03/2013 05:12 GMT

How to Look Great in Awards Season

With awards season coming up, many celebrities will be running to designers in the hope of looking their best. Speeches are secondary. Your outfit says what your words can't. London Fashion week in February is also a prime time for people to don their best outfits and get noticed. I've covered London Fashion Week several times, both as a stylist and as a model, and I've seen it all. So how can you look great and get noticed during LFW, and other celebrity-esq events? Here are some tips:

Award Glowing Skin

Shining bright like a diamond isn't just reserved for the unapologetic Rihanna, it also refers to that moment between you setting foot outside your limousine to the time you hit the red carpet. Will you be captivating? With all the cameras flashing, you pause and hold your pose for that extra second knowing they'll get a close up. In that moment ,you appreciate having spent triple the cost on that overpriced facial and makeup artist to get that flawless finish. An easy way to get that JLo glow as seen at the recent Golden Globes is to combine one tablespoon of honey with half a teaspoon of lemon juice then add two tablespoons of finely grounded almonds to the mixture. Massage lightly on your face in a circular motion for 4 minutes then rinse. Your skin will look and feel fresh and replenished. When applying your makeup, be sure to use a dewy finish foundation and a bronzer like the Miami Glow by Motives.

What Lies Beneath

It's no big secret that many celebs have been nipped and tucked. It's a part of the package and pressures that comes with being in the media and the constant scrutiny could cause anyone to become super conscious about their body. We are all vain and seek some sort of perfection so let's not even try and deny it. This is highlighted most during fashion week where competition is high and morale is low. Give the illusion of a perfect body with shapewear that clinches the waist and smoothes your silhouette. Magic knickers and Spanx are the greatest quick fixes to get you slimmer in seconds.

Perfect Outfit

The state of the house just before heading out to a big event is always the tell tell sign of the level of anxiety that each person goes through to try and get that perfect look. From the little things like, is your spray tan still even? Has your manicure and pedicure chipped? To the more audacious, does the dress still fit? I always say it takes more time to look effortlessly flawless than it does to look flamboyant. Getting the right look that compliments your skin tone, body shape and style can seem a daunting task. However, with the help of an experienced stylist or a really honest friend, you can dramatically cut down your shopping time. Once you have found the perfect outfit, remember the little things that can save the day and avoid wardrobe malfunctions like double sided sticky tape and adhesive body bras. All celebs use these measures to keep everything firmly in place.

Return of the Right Leg

At last years Oscars Angelina Jolie's right leg walked away with all the press and spotlight, even starting a twitter account with it's own 40,000 plus followers overnight. The poor Oscar winners didn't even get a mention. One year on and it seems Halle Berry was taking a stride out of Angelina's book with a thigh high slit and protruding right leg. Her dress selection didn't quite compliment her usual impeccable style. Distinguishing yourself from the crowd is important but make sure to be one step better not behind.

White Wins

A bright smile is essential for your red carpet event, especially if you plan on winning over the crowd. Many celebrities go all out with porcelain veneers; others do a less invasive procedure and top up on their teeth whitening to get that picture perfect smile. For Jessica Alba who presented an award at the Golden Globes having bright, clean teeth proved priceless. Try using a whitening toothpaste to enhance your smile as a cost effective measure.

Whether you are going to a London Fashion Week event, or another top do that you need to look your best, these tips should help you to get heads turning.