Can Sustainability Be Sexy?

09/02/2017 13:03 GMT | Updated 10/02/2018 10:12 GMT
trebuchet via Getty Images

Upon entering the month of February, I have put a lot of thought into how I can make sustainability sexier. Not only do we have Valentine's Day around the corner, I personally have taken my own relationship from partners to roommates. Having my boyfriend move in with me this month, has me thinking about spreading my sustainable lifestyle into other aspects.

Caring about the toxins in our food is definitely trending right now and has been for some time. Buying organic food is nothing new, and we have recently started to incorporate that trend into other aspects of our lifestyle, such as beauty and fashion. So why not incorporate sustainability into all aspects of our lives as well?

The chemicals and materials we use play a role in our livelihood, not to mention the environment. As much as we may want to put our money to good use in every respect, it can be quite draining and next to impossible to find all-encompassing products that are environmentally safe, sustainable, affordable, effective, efficient (the list goes on). For example, there are vegan condoms available (which are made from trees), but they still take ages to decompose. You can also get lambskin condoms that decompose, as they are made from sheep's intestines, however those only protect against pregnancy (not STD's). Of course, there are the plastic alternatives, but then again, terrible for the environment. So don't stress out over finding products that check off all the boxes, just try your best and use ones that work best with your preference and lifestyle.

As you can see, sustainability can get a bit mundane but thankfully here are some quick tips to spice it up. So the answer is YES!


Nothing makes a women feel better than feeling and looking good. Taking your sexuality to the next level start by working on yourself. Eating healthy, sleeping, working out and drinking water are essential to ensuring your body is 100%. I'm a big believe that treating yourself to a new haircut, facial or message can boost your confidence and as my mom says, "wearing lipstick and a little mascara can do wonders".


Lace and knickers made from remnants, vintage and end of the line fabrics like bamboo and tencel. One of my favourite brands is Luva Huva.


Bringing in toys into the bedroom can be intimidating, so my suggestion is to start small and with items you feel comfortable. Some information to consider when finding the best sustainable options. Makes sure they are body safe, animal product -free, rechargeable, natural ingredients, recyclable materials and locally made. Some materials to consider glass, metals and silicone products.

Condoms, Lubes and More

Sustainable condoms, lubricants, aphrodisiac products and femhygiene items can make all the difference. Finding products that are good for your body and not made from harsh chemicals can ensure your sexual experience doesn't have a negative impact on your body. Good Clean Love is a great site to get more information.

Here's to a sexy and sustainable Valentines Day! And would love to hear any feedback or if you have any favourite tips/brands.