24/05/2017 08:06 BST | Updated 24/05/2017 08:06 BST

Why We Should Stand United In The Wake Of The Manchester Attack


The Manchester terror attack that left 22 people dead and many others injured, including children, has left the world devastated. As a British Muslim and mother, I can only imagine the grief parents, friends and family that are still in search of their loved ones must be feeling.

I urge the nation to stand united in the wake of the Manchester attacks as the reaction from the locals themselves, from all faiths, have responded with kindness, love and generosity. By doing so, we will be hitting the perpetrators where it hurts the most.

We need to realise as a nation that these terrorists want to cause disunity, distrust and division, especially during a critical time when there is an upcoming election that calls for democracy. Great Britain is country that is diverse and we know that by standing together we can take a united stance against all acts of terrorism and come out victorious in doing so.

Terrorism has no place in any religion and those who claim to carry out such atrocities in the name of Islam are going against the very tenets of peace. The Qur'an explicitly states that "Whoever kills a soul it is as though they have killed the whole of mankind" [Qur'an 5:32]. It is frustrating that after every attack there is always the rising of ignorance that hinders progression in sending a strong message to the terrorists that they will not divide us.

There is no room for division in our communities and now is the time, more than ever, to come together and help with supporting those who are grieving, those who are still missing and those who need us the most - our community in Manchester. If we let ignorance prevail and shadow over an already tragic event, we will further escalate the problem and give in to the aspirations of these bigoted and inhumane terrorists.

These terrorists will be livid to see the unity that has come from the very community that they have attacked and this is what we need to show more of. It is refreshing to see the spirit of the community coming together as taxi drivers have been offering free rides to for those who were stranded and injured and members of the public have opened up their doors in solidarity. Vigils are being carried out across the UK to pay respect to the victims of the deadly attack with people from all walks of life attending in masses.

Harun Khan, the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain stated that 'May the perpetrators face the full weight of justice both in this life and the next. I pay tribute to the police and emergency services who have worked valiantly to save lives last night'. Many of the doctors, taxi drivers and ordinary citizens in Manchester who want to help the victims are Muslims who want to stand up against this evil group that has no place in our religion whatsoever.

Instead of playing into terrorist's hands by breeding ignorance and hate with anti-Muslim backlash we need to have strength as a society to take the much needed stand and oppose all those who try to divide us. This is why we should continue to stand united in the wake of the Manchester attacks and send a strong message to those who attempt to break us yet continue to fail.