Sorry to Ask, Are You Twins?

22/08/2012 16:32 BST | Updated 22/10/2012 10:12 BST

For our very first Huffington Post blog, as an introduction, we thought we'd highlight and quell all the misconceptions about twins, specifically blonde, identical twins (as they will no doubt be peppered throughout our future posts too!).

"Are you the female Jedward?" Has been the most frequent quip of late. Okay, we understand the Celtic, blonde, double faced logic of it all and the the inevitable urge to compare us to an already manufactured product (Justin Bieber Vs Conor Maynard, Coke Vs Pepsi etc.), but it really is becoming rather tedious. If comparison is really necessary then at least trial us on our singing efforts or our ability to gel our hair vertically.

Here we've picked the top 5 questions we're repeatedly been asked and outlined our stock 'party line' reply:

1. Do you feel each others pain? Erm no, only when we're inflicting it on each other. Twins that claim they do are trying to claim a bob or two from a 'real life' magazine. However Lisa did once pretend she could feel it when Alana broke her arm for attention. Does that count?!

2. How long can you be separated for? Surprisingly if we spend some time apart we do not oxidise and shrivel into tiny balls. We were apart for 5 years, with separate careers and it truly was the best years of our lives. On saying that, our frequency of 'whatsapp' messages to one another, even when only a wall separates us, would perhaps alarm some people. 

3. Do you fight over/share boys? Well despite our tastes being COMPLETELY opposite and thinking that fighting over respective partners is generally pretty futile in anyone's case, WE ARE OUR OWN PERSON. We shared a womb, yes, we share faces, yes, we tend to share opinions, but the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with/date - most definitely not. However if Ryan Gosling decided to trot into our lives...

4. Who is the good twin and who is the evil twin? We are not warlocks, one of us does not have to spawn from the underworld whilst the other floated in from a cloud. Like the average human being, we BOTH equally teeter on the edge of good and evil. However we did used to 'take turns' in misbehaviour according to Mother Mac, but presumably that was through default/common sense rather than satanic possession.

5. Can I have a threesome? Ah the glittering finale question and rather worryingly the most frequent of them all. Our polished and rehearsed retort proceeds as follows:

Man - "Can I have a threesome?"

Mac Twins - "Do you have a brother or sister?"

Man - "Yes"

Mac Twins - "Do you wish to bring them along too to join in?"

Man - *silence, sheepish sulk off*

As a disclaimer we should probably add that there are twins that feel each other's pain, can't bear to be separated, share boyfriends, adopt good and evil roles and quite possibly have threesomes, but they are the exception, not the rule. Glad we cleared that up. Now off to our shared bedroom to sort our shared wardrobe, to use our shared laptop and share todays thoughts.

Identical twins Alana and Lisa MacFarlane are TV / radio presenters and models who hail from Edinburgh. They began their presenting career with Verge Magazine, the UK's largest student magazine. Their unique style was an instant hit and led to them interviewing some of the UK's biggest talent including Ed Sheeran and Wretch 32. Now firmly set as rising stars in the entertainment industry, 'The Mac Twins' regularly feature on BBC Radio 1Xtra's Breakfast Show and are tipped for stardom. As DJs, Lisa & Alana hold a residency at London's most glamorous nightclub Whisky Mist.