07/09/2017 12:08 BST | Updated 07/09/2017 12:08 BST

I Think Too Much

I suffer from the proverbial double-edged sword of being of the creative persuasion. On one hand, I have a lot of ideas. On the other hand, I think about them so exhaustively, for so long, that they invariably never come to fruition. This results in the vast majority of my creativity being born, living and dying in my head, never seeing the cold, hard light of day.

In addition to this, I also suffer from ADHD, so both the physical and emotional outlay of processing my thoughts and concentrating on them, renders me a fatigued mess of hair and skin, like a collapsed jelly on the floor of a Barbershop.

Imagine, if you will, a room full of people. You're standing in the centre of said room and every single person is trying to speak with you at the same time. Each person thinks that what they have to say is of the utmost importance but it's impossible to decide this for yourself because you can't hear any individual voice clearly enough to work out the nature of the message. Add to that, the fact that you've already counted the lightbulbs in the room, noticed how much one of the paintings looks like Ned Flanders, internally written a screenplay, in which Ned conquers the Vikings in a war to end all wars and then stared at a man's moustache, watching it twitch when he speaks. While this is happening, someone passes you a letter that you must read, memorise and rewrite. That's ADHD. At least, that's my ADHD.

I've used my ADHD to my advantage, though. I'm a comedian. It's my passion. It's my chosen creative outlet but one that I've struggled to find the ideal application for. I've been a stand-up, but this seemed to involve too much, well, standing up.

I decided, many months ago, that the best and most appropriate physical manifestation of my comedy would be podcasting. In the months that followed, I pondered, planned, mulled-over and attempted to formulate an idea for what my podcast should be (in between, of course, being distracted by shiny objects). I realised I'd never reach a satisfactory conclusion because I think too much. The idea then dawned on my like lethargic sunrise; my podcast would be about the fact I think too much. I'd buy a lapel mic and record my podcasts while out and about, documenting my thoughts, as they occurred. After all, why should I alone be lumbered with my incessant thoughts? The Universe should share my burden.

So, that's exactly what I did.

I now record a weekly podcast called Tiberius World. I am Tiberius and I'm welcoming you into my world, with all its idiosyncrasies, nonsense and distractions.

In the first episode, I take you with me on my walk to work. I discuss my hatred of people who look at nothing but their smartphones, putting themselves and those around them in danger. I recall my particular technique for dealing with these people and ask, who is the bad guy?

I also share my theory on why I feel that Millennials are geniuses, demonstrate an odd phenomenon that results in people speaking in slow motion and share an horrific tale of a dead Crow and a Crow family's pursuit of vengeance.

Listen below. The podcast is also available on Stitcher, iTunes and most Podcast Apps.*

*Contains strong language