11/09/2014 04:24 BST | Updated 10/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Rainbow Laces - A Campaign Every Football Fan Can Get Behind

On Tuesday, England played Switzerland in the football. Sadly I didn't see much of the game because I was chairing my party's Federal Executive committee. We were talking about Scotland, next year's elections and our pre-manifesto.

If I had been able to watch the whole match, I'm told I might have been pulling my hair out at the slightly uninspiring performance by England - instead I just got to see the last ten minutes and Welbeck's second goal in injury time. A good result, though. Equally impressive has been Stonewall's Rainbow Laces campaign. The campaign, supported by the FA, clubs like Arsenal and Hull, and footballers like Joey Barton, is making a stand against homophobia, trans phobia and biphobia.

Players are lacing up their boots with rainbow-coloured laces as part of an anti-homophobia in football campaign.

Will this end the homophobia that sports men and women face overnight? No, I doubt that. But is it an important symbol? Yes I think it is.

Some may ridicule this as a stunt. But I am not one of them, I think this campaign is very welcome and I'm delighted it's in its second year.

Football terraces are not universally seen as bastions of liberal equality, but I would point to the work done by fans and clubs with anti-racist charities to kick out racist chants. As football fans, we are now seen as a leaders in this work. I hope we can be in other fields of equality.

We should judge sportsmen and women based on their performances on the track and field not who they love. I know that that the overwhelming majority of football fans will join and support this campaign.

Changing the colour of some laces might feel like a small thing but it's a massive statement and one I totally support.

PS - good luck Blackburn Rovers on Saturday against Wigan!