A Little Place off The Edgware Road: Pre-production

04/09/2011 22:51 BST | Updated 04/11/2011 09:12 GMT

So we're now well into pre-production for A Little Place Off The Edgware Road. Having written the script over a year ago, I'm itching and scratching to get to principal photography! Being a fan of Graham Greene's works and in particular the screen adaptations of his stuff it feels like a privilege to actually adapt a story of his.

We have almost all of our locations sorted (the main ones) and almost our entire cast. We're just waiting for the big one. James Callis is a great actor, a real pro and being such a fan of both what he does in Battlestar Galactica and the show itself, I REALLY want him to confirm he can do this film. I'd like to work with him later anyway - in something, sometime - but now would be better than later!

The cameras will hopefully roll at the beginning of November, giving us time to get post-production done by the Cannes submission deadline next year. Then we cross our fingers and wait. Having been there earlier this year with my low-budget feature ( it's a real ride - an adrenaline RUSH!

Today we arranged a date for our first production meeting with more than just me and my producer Alison Herrington. We'll be joined by our Director Of Photography Tasha Back, who is currently working on World War Z with Brad Pitt, with whom we'll visit the locations and do some more planning. Yabadabadoo. And we're still receiving those all-important donations so thanks to all and keep them coming!!!