21/12/2011 10:29 GMT | Updated 20/02/2012 05:12 GMT

Tick Tock to 2012 and the Collapse of Time

It's nearly 2012 and I wonder whether this year has been what I thought it would be. A while back I predicted the theme of the year would be about rewards and breakthrough. That you would see the reward of whatever you had put out.

This has been somewhat true, but I didn't sense (or I didn't want to sense) that it would have a really blunt and somewhat cruel sense of fate to it all.

I sit here contemplating everything as the energy begins to culminate at the apex of New Years Eve, and I realise its 2am. I firstly think how ridiculous it is that I (a 'Spiritual Teacher') have such issues sleeping, but I decide to let that one slide and the slide show of this year begins. Half clairvoyant and half memory based I see all of the things which have been presented to me. On one hand I am slightly exhausted and whiplashed, and then on the other I get kind of excited - but scared. This year has presented so much, so much surprising stuff, events and experiences totally written like a movie, and I know deep down, that this has been nothing in comparison to what is to come.

The past few months alone have brought with them the first of the 'turning tides'. See I am sort of like a crucible, or a catalyst. I arrive and things happen. I get to be present in huge moments of people's lives, I see them find love, leave love, fall pregnant, find their perfect job. I get marriage proposals by people who tell me I am intense weeks earlier. I see magick occur in everyday life, maybe not include the last example.

Something feels different now though, it is like a switch has been flicked somewhere in the Universe, and someone stepped up the game. It has gone from the usual, into the extra, and even for someone like me who knows how natural synchronicity is; it is taking even me by surprise.

I personally have felt thrown to the ground, stomped on, picked back up, and hugged, then thrown back down to the ground again to continue the cycle. It isn't out of torture or pleasure; it is just out of a process of hardening our steel. Never before have we been living in such different worlds, where our perspective is truly starting to create a space around us which either keeps us safe and supported, or trapped in illusions of distraction.

I walk down the street and I see people so lost in their moments - angry with the world and people around them, and one little thing which steps outside of their realm of expectation and control and they fly off the handle. Walking down the street with people all wanting to get somewhere - but they don't know where, but everyone is in their way. Aggression builds and everyone just wants to escape, and it becomes everyone's fault - the little lady in front, that annoying woman who is holding her umbrella to low nearly taking out your eye. And that rude man not keeping his child out of your way and you nearly knee him in the head as you attempt to overtake. It just goes on and on.

Where is everyone in such a rush to get to?

Time is a concept created for this world and reality, in Spirit they don't use time, everything is spatial. Everything is based upon mass, energy and space. It has been quite a while now where we have seen that time has been unravelling, how many people have complained about days getting so short 'where has this year gone?', 'I was sure it was 6pm but it is actually 10pm!'. You have all heard it - you have probably even said it! How fast did Christmas arrive? Wasn't it just last week we saw decorations hung and heard Mariah Carey's traditional Christmas carol All I want for Christmas is you played 10,000 times.

It's 'time' we all realise that time is collapsing, and the more you focus on timelines the more you will create anxiety. I started to understand this when I was perfectly fine, and then heard people mention a future date, like Christmas day, or new years day, and as soon as I thought about that, and thought about everything which is 'meant' to manifest prior to this I immediately felt stress and anxiety because spatially it didn't seem to fit. But if we get rid of the idea of time, suddenly there is so much space for things to move and come into realisation.

This may seem like a lofty concept, but try it. You will see very quickly how differently you experience your life if you go day by day; sucking the moment for what it has to offer. If you have already started pencilling things into 2012 and 2013 on your 2 year plan, be prepared for them to change if they are not in alignment with a higher plan - I have been seeing it left right and centre.

What is a higher plan? Well your only directive here on earth is to experience and grow, and through that experience find enjoyment which create the drive to expand further. There isn't anything about career goals and 5 year plans in that. People are finding that if they are expecting great and lofty career aspirations to come true, which apply to a timeline - suddenly they are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I had to discover recently this shift in my own belief system:

If I focus on being a better soul each and every day, and my primary focus is to grow and evolve to my highest potential. Then this experience comes into better perspective in the greater scheme of things. It doesn't mean that I give up wanting to achieve things; it just means that they are not my focus, and my focus will always bring my eyes back on the actual prize - the evolution of me into the best soul I planned to be before I designed this life.

Everyone can sense material wealth as a focus is an old concept, or winning that role, or getting that new account. It doesn't mean that we can't want to achieve those things, but it means that the idea that your sole focus being on those things is out of date. The world is changing, everyone can feel it, many are running from it, but it is happening. Some are experiencing its positive change earlier than others - because I can see it, and then those who do not want to step into the new way of being, they are still experiencing the same cycle, it's never ending - well actually it is, it's collapsing.

In the past month I have seen people who thought they would never get pregnant - fall pregnant. I have then seen another couple miscarry. I have seen people lose their jobs; I have seen people get inspired about new beginnings. And I have seen people uncover lies and cheating, while others reconnect with long lost connections of the most importance.

While the Spirit will always bring you possibilities and potential, sometimes things are so rare and important that you simply can't rely on them always returning. We are all on one simple timeline, a timeline of evolution of self; it's the only one we should consider. And those who appear on that journey who we FEEL that deep connection with, listen to it, you don't even need to wonder if it is opening you up, it already has started, you just need to now commit to a truer path, and see how many phenomenal miracles occur around you within your career and other focuses of passion. You don't need to sacrifice a thing, other than your distractions, and for some that is the most alluring thing of all.