23/09/2012 16:15 BST | Updated 20/11/2012 05:12 GMT

Why You Might Not Be Attracted To The 'Right' Person.

Most clients come to me with questions about the person they are with, whether or not they are the 'one', or if it will 'last'. Both of these are strange to consider, 'last' how long exactly, a day, a week, a lifetime? There are so many options within that. And what is this 'The One' business?

I even noticed that I was ruled by this need to be 'attracted' to some obscure element about a person which often times I couldn't even put my finger on. It was a strange and often unquantifiable variable which sometimes appeared and sometimes didn't, but ultimately never led me any place worthwhile - besides the learning experience.

Eventually the Spirit stepped in and showed me what many of suffer from today, that our 'attraction' tuning fork is out of whack. We are actually attracted to Karma, and often very turned off by a true romantic - simple, pairing.

Karma creates a feeling which almost magnetises us towards another soul, pulling us in, never giving up in its constant mission to 'have' this other person. This feeling knocks out our centre of being and perspective. It's not true love; it could be closely linked to infatuation. But in truth it is Karma.

Have you ever had that weird thing happen where you start dating someone, and there's some sort of vibe about it. You aren't sure why, but you feel drawn to them. You then find out they are a, Scorpio, for example. Which oddly enough matched the last 3 people you met, and they all shared a similar pattern of interaction with you.

This is an example of Karma, what may have been the case is that you (in one of your past lives) had an unfinished experience with a lover, who was a Scorpio. Instead of trying to resolve it with that particular soul at this time, you have opted to try and clear it with a similar energy, so you attract Scorpio's one after another until you do. The Scorpio scenario could be replaced with musicians, or actors, or even brunettes. It's a specific energy you are looking to revisit.

So let me get back to why this might be stopping you from being legitimately attracted to the 'right' people. If you are single it is important that you take the time to analyse the types you are typically attracted to. Do they posses unhealthy components which you recognise but are not turned off by? How about attractive, nice people, who you simply don't give the time of day to?

I do not disagree with you; you're right. You aren't attracted to the nice person the same way as the dangerous, aloof, difficult, game player. When your souls desire to clear the experience becomes more important than a healthy match, you are attracted to Karma.

Most people work this out in time, as they begin to learn whatever lesson they need to. But something is different about the mentality of many today. In the impatient, demanding, ego driven world some of us live in, people have become far too familiar with throw away experiences. These are experiences which happen then you throw them away and replace them without understanding, or stopping the cycle. This is the coping mechanism for those who don't want to deal, they just want distraction. This is why people end up in patterns which they can't get out of.

And remember, you aren't meant to be sexually, physically, mentally, or emotionally attracted to Karmic experiences. You are meant to observe the lesson and clear them as you go. While you are able to listen to your heart and be attracted to what is right for you next.

In regards to 'The One'? You have multple options and multiple scenarios which can satisfy a perfectly fullfiling match, so don't worry! The feeling of ONE-ness is created when you are both present and ready to share yourself fully. When the fear is stripped away you both go from possibilities into TRUE DIVINE MATCHES.

If you are in a relationship you are there for a reason, follow it until there is nothing interesting or intriguing about it. But remember, if a relationship does not bring out the best in you, then it is not for you.

  1. So here are a few spiritual home truths in regards to relationships:
  2. You can't work at making a relationship work, if you are, it's already over. Set each other free, see what happens.
  3. If you don't trust a person they can't 'work' to earn it.
  4. No one can do something to make you happy; you have to do that for yourself.
  5. People can change, but it can only happen through spiritual evolution.
  6. If you can enjoy the right now with your partner you will experience the best moment possible. Don't get caught up in the 'future', it doesn't really exist.
  7. If you forgive someone you have to absolutely forgive them. If you hold it over them you are being as shady as the deed that was done.
  8. The best zone to meet a good match is to be happy and enjoying your life.
  9. Get out of the zone of 'right' and 'wrong', we are all here to experience the ride. Appreciate the variety we come in.
  10. And finally:

  11. You are the only person who empowers or dis-empowers people, and situations.

Get out there, fall in love with someone who has no drama, who actually calls you back, who doesn't abuse you. Someone who is truly present and brings out the soul led creature you really are. THEY are your 'ones'.