14/09/2015 06:32 BST | Updated 10/09/2016 06:12 BST

Wine of the Week: Viña Ventisquero, Root 1 Carmenere 2013, Colchagua, Chile

Viña Ventisquero, Root 1 Carmenere 2013, Colchagua, Chile

The Root 1 range of wines from Ventisquero are all made from ungrafted vines, planted on their own roots. This hardly ever happens in the world of wine ever since the Phyloxerra infestation that swept (and contunues to sweep) across the world in the 19th century. Phyloxerra is a tiny and hugely destructive louse that can munch on the roots of grape vines, and can destroy whole vineyards in rapid time.

The solution is to plant a generic, but resistant rootstock, then the variety of vine you want to grow is grafted onto the Phyloxerra-resistant roots. That is the practice in almost all vineyards today.

These vines have survived in Chile's sandy soils, where the louse cannot, and produce a wine that is deep, earthy and fruity. Aged in French and American oak, and blended with 15% Syrah, it's a Carmenere with plum and game notes, pepper and spice, and a good all-rounder, rich red. Watch the video for my full review, including much more detail and food matching suggestions. £7.99, Morrisons.

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