21/12/2016 06:57 GMT | Updated 22/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Is Music The Ultimate Aphrodisiac? 55 Per Cent Of Brits Think So!

Music's got a lot to answer for.

The right track can make us fall in love, fall out of love, have sex or not have sex, cry, laugh, feel sadder than we thought possible and happier than we ever have been.

It's a powerful mood enhancer and so effective at triggering memories, there's nothing that quite captures a mood or a moment than a song.

Music has always been something that people bond over - tracks you grew up with, bands or pop stars you feel you know, nothing connects us quicker than liking the same music as someone we think we like.

So it comes a no surprise that 55 per cent of Brits say music makes sex better.

This is what global music streaming service Deezer found out when I teamed up with them to explore the impact music has in the bedroom and how people can use it to enhance their sexual experiences.

So can music affect your sex drive?

Hell, yes!

First up, our brains flood with dopamine, the pleasure hormone, when we listen to music. The same thing happens when we have sex: so it effectively puts our bodies in the mood.

It's a potent aphrodisiac because there's a natural synergy between music and intimacy.

Both allow people to lose their inhibitions. Both help us remove ourselves from the outside world and lose ourselves in desire.

Fifty-five per cent of those who took part in the Deezer survey said listening to music while having sex improves the experience.

A fifth claimed it makes them more aroused, 17% feel that it makes things less awkward and 16% said it simply makes sex better.

Nearly a quarter of men also said music makes sex last longer though only nine per cent of women agreed (wishful thinking doesn't necessarily translate into physical performance!).

It also turns out, it really is all about the bass.

Neuroscientists found that most people respond more to a beat produced by lower pitched instruments. Physiologically, our bodies love deep bass sounds because our ears find them easier to detect. If the bass is loud enough, it also produces vibration, making it even more arousing.

Hand in hand with the components of the track, come the lyrics and the voice.

Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On topped the list of key tracks used by Brits to get in the mood. (No surprise there!) Rihanna's sexy hit Skin and Lil Wayne's track Lollipop followed closely behind.

There's no denying the right track can keep things running hot in the bedroom but the wrong track can - and does - put people off.

One experiment showed men who were played 'happy' music then shown a sexy video were more easily and quickly aroused than those who were played 'sad' tunes.

There's this and other scientific proof that music is highly influential in affecting our mood during sex. Certain tracks are mood enhancers, others can do quite the opposite.

Best program that sexy playlist carefully then!

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