29/10/2015 09:27 GMT | Updated 28/10/2016 06:12 BST

Happy 65th Birthday John, We Miss You

This Halloween, beloved movie star from the eighties and early nineties, John Candy would have been 65 years old. Tragically for us we lost him in 1994 to a heart attack, however his legacy has lived on through his body of work. From Uncle Buck, Del Griffith in Planes Trains and Auotmobiles, Irv Blitzer in Cool Runnings, Ox in Stripes, Barf in Spaceballs - the list could go on, any child born in the 70's or 80's grew up with John on our screens and in our hearts.

Here are some John Candy facts to help celebrate his life;

1. John was known as the nicest man in Hollywood - what you see on screen was pretty much what you got, a sweet funny man that always routed for the underdog.

2. He worked relentlessly - as well training at Second City, writing and starring in the legendary SCTV, he was in more than 43 motion pictures, created his own children's programme 'Camp Candy' and radio show 'Radio Kandy', as well as starting his own production company 'Frostback Productions' and co-owning the Toronto Argonauts!

3. On top of his hard working ethic, first and foremost John was a family man. He adored his wife, Rose and children Jennifer and Christopher both of whom are following in their fathers footsteps with comedy and acting.

4. He loved his home country of Canada and never forgot his roots, but he also loved all things American.

5. John filmed his scenes for Home Alone as a favour to John Hughes (incidentally he was in more John Hughes films than any other actor Hughes worked with). He worked solidly for 24 hours and got into trouble several times with Chris Columbus for encouraging the Polka Band to play when they should have been filming.

6. Once at a party John kept Chevy Chase in a headlock for two hours, even with Chevy protesting that it wasn't funny any more, it did not stop him. At that very same party John met Steven Spielberg and told him that he 'liked his movie about the fish', he made an impression on Spielberg and shortly after got a part in 1941.

7. John may have been heavy set but he was physically very strong. He once picked up Dan Aykroyd and Dave Thomas (one on each shoulder) and was spinning them around in the air as part of a sketch. He also broke one of Martin Short's ribs doing similar physical comedy.

8. John was scared of the bear in The Great Outdoors, he had to do a scene where the bear was chasing him for 15 seconds so they could get the shot. There was no CGI in those days and he probably never ran so fast in his life!

So don't just celebrate Halloween this Saturday but raise an Orange Whip to a comedic legend, watch one of his films, make giant pancakes, but most of all be nice to each other.

Thanks for all the laughs John, peace be the journey.


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