What Is Textured Hair?

The term 'textured hair' needs to be inclusive because people very often have more than one type of curl pattern in their head of hair. 'Textured hair' is effectively an umbrella term, which can then be broken down into kinky, coily, curly and wavy.

I get asked this question a lot.

It doesn't surprise me that there is still confusion around what textured hair actually is, because answers can vary depending on who is responding. Even within the hair care industry, I've found that the term is often used in different ways. This lack of continuity can lead to confusion and stereotyping. So I feel it's important for me to respond as clearly as possible.

People from all walks of life, all countries, can and do have textured hair. The 'textured hair community' is a global one. Not pigeon-holed for a particular type of person from a particular place. Curly hair is the dominant gene type so the number of people with textured hair will continue to grow.

So, getting back to basics; the definition of 'texture' is how something feels. Which means that, technically, all hair has some kind texture. BUT 'hair texture' is different to 'textured hair' (perhaps this is where the confusion starts!). What I mean when talking about 'textured hair' is hair that has some kind of curl pattern to it. Where the shaft creates shape and dimension, either by twisting around itself into loose or tight curls, making varying degrees of an S shape, spring-like coils or kinking into a Z shape. Basically, hair that is not straight.

On first impression this might sound like quite a broad definition; but, actually, it makes total sense. The term 'textured hair' needs to be inclusive because people very often have more than one type of curl pattern in their head of hair. 'Textured hair' is effectively an umbrella term, which can then be broken down into kinky, coily, curly and wavy.

There are so many charts out there. Some use different describing words, some use letters, some use numbers. I think it can become a bit confusing. As a solution to this, when I created my own range, I developed my own icons. The first universal visual language for identifying different texture types. In today's fast-paced world, people want to quickly and simply identify what they're looking for and move forwards. Not spend ages pouring over masses of detail.

Within society there is, generally, a widely-held myth that textured hair is difficult to manage. I've lost count of the number of people who have said to me in the salon that their hair is 'too big'; or the number of people I have met who try to suppress their curl pattern. Textured hair, particularly kinky and coily types, is extremely versatile. This is a fact.

One of the solutions to shaking this 'difficult' myth, is in overcoming any fear of being able to confidently manage your hair at home. With the right tools and knowledge, managing textured hair at home can and should be hassle-free. Enjoyable even.

It's a breath of fresh air to see social media playing such a vital role in highlighting role models with curly hair and showing people how to embrace natural texture. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people confident in embracing their genetic gift.

What textured hair needs is care, attention and understanding when it comes to handling, applying product, drying and styling. Textured hair usually craves ingredients that are hydrating, moisturising and nourishing; which is why I chose to focus the first part of my collection on these things. My products are all about laying the foundations for getting textured hair into its best ever shape. Of course, product choice is important, but it doesn't stop there. How you apply it, the amount, how often and how long you give it before making a call on whether or not it's showing a benefit, all matter too.

There's a huge educational role that needs to be fulfilled when it comes to managing and maintaining textured hair. This is why the 'LEARN' section of my website at http://WWW.VERNONFRANCOIS.COM is so important. My entire collection is designed to meet the different needs of every type of textured hair; which is why it is divided into different specialist ranges.

A hallmark of my collection is that the formulations range from light to rich texture, but they are never greasy. They also smell amazing; musky and fine fragranced, not floral or heavy. All of my products are cruelty-free, paraben and sulfate-free; and any alcohol content is completely natural, derived from plant based sources. The natural active ingredients are premium quality, fair trade, sustainably harvested and organic; blended together in bespoke combinations for exceptional results.

My passion for curls will never die; and introducing an elite styling collection, that is genuinely dedicated to what women, men and kids with all texture types need, is glorious.

It's been a long time coming, but change is here.


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