09/03/2015 11:37 GMT | Updated 06/05/2015 06:59 BST

10 Signs You No Longer Care What People Think

According to new research, I'm just past the age when we stop caring what other people think of us.

The age of 41 has been pinpointed as the precise age at which we throw caution to the wind and embrace our individuality.

For the study 2,000 adults were interviewed and researchers found that 21 is the age at which Brits are most likely to worry what others thing of them. In our 20s we're concerned about fitting in. This is the age when you need to find your tribe, your support group and playmates who'll see you through the single years.

I was a chameleon in my 20s. My fashion sense was totally dictated by which group I was hanging out with at the time. I was all baggy dungarees and dreads one week, pretty floral dresses and pumps the next. People identify you as part of, or apart from the tribe within seconds of laying eyes on you. First impressions are very difficult to undo.

Now in my 40s I find people are more interesting when they're different, when they have the confidence to speak their minds, bend the fashion rules or just stop trying to act cool.

I make no effort to hide the fact that I'm now more likely to listen to Radio Four than Radio One. Venue choices for an evening out are based on if we'll be able to hear each other talk, and if we'll get a table/chair - preferably both.

Here are ten signs that show we no longer follow the in-crowd (as identified by Jeep who conducted the research). I have added my cynical comments in brackets:

1. You only go out on a Friday or Saturday night - never both [I would have to take to my bed for a week if I did both - so for me this represents a health hazard]

2. You go to the cinema on your own [I have done this, in my slippers]

3. You'll eat a meal in a restaurant on your own [I'm regularly to be found eating and reading on my own. If I'm hungry and I'm not at home, I'll eat]

4. You watch the TV shows you like [I always have - not sure why you'd watch a show you don't like!]

5. You play music you like in the car [see above! If I'm in the car, I couldn't give a hoot what other people thing of my music choices]

6. You order the food you like [again, why on earth would you order food you don't like! Who did Jeep interview for this survey?]

7. You go make-up free [yup, I may be a trained makeup artist, but if I'm not meeting clients, I'm going bare-faced]

8. You switch from Radio One to Radio Two [I've skipped that step and am already onto Radio Four]

9. You have embraced your natural hair colour [hmmm. Not completely ready for that one yet]

10. You dance at family parties [always have, always will].

What would you add to the list?

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