18/07/2016 11:28 BST | Updated 16/07/2017 06:12 BST

Why Collaboration Is the Key to Success

I've come to believe there are two types of people in business: those who there only in it for themselves, plain and simple and those who are not.

Let me break it down further: this divide seems be TEAM A who know COLLABORATION is everything-and TEAM B who never got the gif, that it is.

Fearsome they will somehow divide not multiply their power, audience, results, they stay closed off, unable to merge ideas, share thoughts and make a difference.

Let me share my backstory for a minute.

I was a multi-award winning filmmaker for many years before becoming a blogger and vlogger, the latter an accidental career borne after my first child that came along thanks to tech advancement and this here democratic, empowering piece of kit: the internet.

As a director, I worked with and led teams, sometimes in their hundreds.

And guess what, everything, absolutely EVERYTHING came down to collaboration, to relationships with others that made things HAPPEN.

To valuing each and every person on set. To working together, as a team. Without ego. For putting the story first.

To knowing, unequivocally that I was only as STRONG as the weakest person in my team. That anyone weak should be made to feel able.

I felt it my duty that people felt emotionally safe, valued and able to SHINE. That their ideas and questions were needed and important.

You can see the culmination of everyone's passion, expertise and impact when you watch my work.

Watch my critically acclaimed short film Broken below which won awards at film festivals internationally and has and is still, broadcast on telly all over the world from the UK to France, the US and beyond.

From script development to set design, performance, cinematography, the edit, music and more, filmmaking, in fact ANYTHING creative is bettered by collaboration. My the meeting of minds. That is how the end-product can be elevated and grow.

How opportunities can happen, doors opened.

That is why you: the way you behave with people, your tone, energy and perspective matters. Business is about relationships as is life.

Positivity will always win the day. It gets you the commissions, make others want to work with you and makes for a happy life.

Is every post a moan, a dig, a world of negativity? Then don't expect others to come back.

My site is composed of my words, and others, writers I feel work for my audience, I have an open door pitch policy-you want to write for me, then send an email. I shoot my own vlogs and videos but a great editor Becky Solomon cuts many for me. I have a designer who makes my site and branding look on point, a PR who handles press enquiries and more. My whole family find themselves on camera, all protagonists in our real life story. We are a team.

I am now my own exec producer, in control of my content, no longer at the mercy of the gatekeepers: commissioners, able to publish and connect.

And I love, it's in my bones, to collaborate.

To share the brilliance of others on my site be it in guest posts and interviews right here.

Furthermore, I am always happy to help others, to advise, recommend; support.

To build people up.

When I went on maternity leave from the high profile production company I was leaving, I remember giving my exec a list of directors to use during my time off. He told me no one had ever done that before.

If you are content and sure of your voice, which you should be, because it's unique to you, then you mustn't fear your position.

Be confident, believe in yourself and work will always come because you MAKE it happen.

You must also trust the timing of your life. The best lessons are made in times of rejection.

Know that whatever happens, things will work out. Failure's not an option.

Know that you can drive, change, evolve and grow. That's there is frankly room for all and enough success to go around.

Competition should be healthy.

I'm not a jealous person, never have been, never will be.

The only person I compete with is myself but I've been hurt by the envy of others, shown who my real friends are and that's OK, it's a positive. To know who you are and where you stand.

It never stops me from trusting others and collaborating. From connecting with new people and working together.

So I urge you to consider your attitude to others, to question how to feel about those working in your own field.

To spin the negative and create positivity, to conjure ways to come together, to be better, stronger, more successful as a team.

To cut out those who try to kill your vibe and bring you down. To walk away and never look back. To never focus on that negativity or let it in.

....Global brands and stars collaborate, why shouldn't you?

They know that speed in king and more brains equal better results.

It's no surprise ensemble stars, groups or even YouTubers do better together than alone. Reach is amplified and so are the results.

If you think cooperating with others might seem counter-intuitive to competitiveness, you're seriously mistaken. It will only serve to enrich you ALL.

Reach out to others. Ask yourself how you can help one another. Share ideas, contacts and expertise.

Stop being so scared.

Simply go collaborate, unflinchingly, without fear and make the magic happen.

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