16/03/2015 11:25 GMT | Updated 16/05/2015 06:59 BST

Decluttering - The Biggest Money Saver of All

When you decide to embark on a good declutter, even just a short amount of time - do not forget to gently take note of what you are actually looking at. Each and every item. I'm not saying stare at them for a while or ponder and daydream. I just mean take a brief mental note.

Observing the items that you are getting rid of will help you to avoid filling your home again with belongings you do not need or want. The money that may have been repeatedly wasted over the years and the objects you will roll your eyes at as you annoy yourself with thoughts of another unnecessary purchase, will subtly sync in to your mind.

You will refer back to that moment as you hold a pointless purchase in your hand in a shop on the way to the till. I can assure you it is a good feeling putting it straight back on the shelf. You feel like you've just banked some savings!


Sometimes I bank hundreds in a day. Things I like but refrain from buying. Pick up and put down again. Put in my online basket and then shut the page down. Never missed when I get home and never thought of again. I never go back out because I regret the decision not to buy. It wouldn't have been a necessity. It is truly a nice feeling being free from the label of 'unnecessary shopper'

Try it for one week and I think you will agree. And I bet you save!

It also makes shopping when you do actually need to so much more enjoyable.

Don't make the same mistakes, don't have things in your home that are never used and don't put this process off any longer. Bit by bit work on your home, free your headspace as well as your actual space and join this inspiring craze of simplifying your life.

I believe each and every tiny area you declutter (if doing alone start small and simple) you can absorb a lesson never to be repeated.

For every stationary area, sock drawer, wardrobe or kitchen cupboard I am sure there may be an example of money wasted.


Common Examples of excess over spending and buying that I have seen a lot of in homes over the last 5 years range from food to stationary to beauty products to clothing. Also gift drawers full of items never to be given.

Our generation panic buys. We fear running out of stuff, but truly as long as you have a few spares of items that you use very regularly there should be no danger that suddenly the range of shops in your area all will suddenly have a rush of people needing shampoo so much so that they will sell out at once!

The subject of decluttering and simplifying is growing at a fast rate. I think that as a nation and as we become more and more aware of our wellbeing and health we are realising decluttering our lives is an enormous part of the process

Decluttering should be the start. The start of most things you embark on. The beginning of anything new you do whether it is having a baby or starting a new health regime. It gets your mind ready and in the right place as well as your physical surroundings. Your home.

Decluttering and getting organised is always the first step.

In the future maybe we will not fill every space we have in our homes and we will not end up throwing expired things out because we can't use them up at the rate in which we buy. Maybe we will save money and find happiness in positive experiences not purchases. Maybe our homes will be more streamlined and our heads will be clearer.

It's a very nice thought anyway...


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