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Dear Citizen of the World... Now is the Time

Dear Citizen of the World,

Now is the time, more than ever, to feel rooted, to be strong, to be grounded.

Now is the time to reach out to that neighbour to invite them round for a meal and to become friends.

Now is the time to speak our truth clearly and calmly, with love and with unswerving confidence.

Listen to our hearts. What do our hearts tell us? Do we need to continue to believe every thing we read and every thing we are told?

Listen to that heart beat... it is the same beating sound inside every single human being on this planet.

Now is the time to feel the fear, to embrace it, then to channel it into works of service.

Ask ourselves, what can we do? What would we like to do? What is out of our comfort zone but doable anyway? How much can we offer?

Now is the time to focus on what makes us feel good. To find our faith. To believe in at least ourselves and what we are worth to this world.

Now is the time to love our children, to hold them tight, to show them there is another way and to encourage them to serve humanity.

Now is the time to not only connect on social media but to talk to the people in our street, the shop-owners, the dog-walkers, the street-sweepers, the person who sits on his own on the bench each day, the woman who wants to talk to you about God, the man who wants to sell you double-glazing, the family who home-school their children, the mother who has just had a baby, the father who is pushing his child high on the swing...

Now is the time for connection. Why wait? What are we waiting for? We have all the tools, all the resources to do this now. We don't need educating... we just need to do it.

To share.

To love.

To learn.

To embrace.

To hold each other.

To cry and grieve.

To carry on.

To rise above fear and hate.

To reach out.

To comfort.

To nourish.

To laugh.

To live.

To enjoy.

To work hard.

To raise our children in the way we believe they should be raised.

To not accept anything less.

To love our own selves so that we may love others.

Now is the time to realise that we have more control than we once considered. That we do not have to watch, buy, participate in anything that makes us or others feel unworthy or unloved.

We can change things... I know we can because I look at my children with their beautiful innocent eyes and hearts and I see the world through their vision. It is clearer and less complicated and we can learn that it doesn't make us naive to believe that peace is inevitable.

Now is the time to look for the beauty, to seek out the treasures and connect, talk, consult, plan and reflect.

Now is the time to let that person go in front of us in the queue. To let the anger within us subside when someone drives too near or too slowly. To not meet hate with hate but rather open our arms and our hearts and forgive, understand, find out more, listen.

Now is the time to show each other that if we want a world with peace at its core, then we need to practice being peaceful with our friends, our family, our children, our husbands, our wives, within our work, no matter where we come from, what we do, what we decide to wear in the morning, what we choose to eat in the evening... we are all one.

Dear Citizen of the World... before we go to bed tonight, pray, think positive words, light a candle or just be still in a reflective space. But think... think about what we want. And let's manifest it together.

With love from

Your fellow friend