27/06/2012 12:03 BST | Updated 27/08/2012 06:12 BST

Today I'm Wearing

I was aiming for something easy, simple, and colourful today! I needed something simple and comfortable to wear. T-shirt, jeans, jacket and DONE! I can't emphasise enough how much I ADORE this season's colours! Never have I embraced colour in this way before! The weather seems to be warming up a little but the rain isn't great, so colour is my way of dressing for our 'summer'.

I am usually one to encourage spending more on staple pieces like jeans (as many of you have seen I own many pairs of J Brands) but when it comes to colour trends like this, buying from the high street I think is a better idea. Mint green will probably never be a staple colour for denim so I would recommend not over spending on this trend, especially if you can find a decent pair at a reasonable price.

Orange Jacket- Bread n Butter (Hong Kong High Street brand)

Grey Bag- Prada

White T-Shirt- ASOS

Mint Green Jeans- Miss Selfridge Petite

Black flats- Chloe




Useful Tip:

Lots of colours going on, so tie it all in with just a single tone hardware. See what I mean with the gold on the flats, the bag, and the buttons on the jacket.

Vivian x