Today I'm Wearing

12/11/2012 16:40 GMT | Updated 11/01/2013 10:12 GMT

Jewel tones are my favourite colours and today I'm wearing a deep rich hue of purple. It has a side neck tie which dresses up the outfit and keeps me warmer as well. I have paired it with the Zara 'tweed' style jacket I wore a few posts ago. The jacket is a minty shade of pastel green and it contrasts nicely with the jewel toned purple. You might notice that because the jacket has a lower round neckline with no collar, the knot from the necktie sits comfortably on top, therefore not affecting the fit of the jacket.

The studs on the jacket are a frosted silver metal hardware and the fabric has flecks of grey/silver running through it and that is why I have decided to match that to the silver hardware on the bag.

I'm wearing plum colour heels which is a nice alternative to a black!

Jacket- Zara

Purple Top- ASOS

Navy blue Jeans- Miss Selfridge Petite

Shoes- GIna

Bag- Chanel




Useful Tip:

When you try but you can't match two items' colours perfectly, picking something in the same colour group does the same trick! (ie. plum shoes and purple top)

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