03/03/2013 10:24 GMT | Updated 02/05/2013 06:12 BST

Today I'm Wearing

Many many apologies for the lack of posts the past couple of months! I am back and will be up and running to post regularly again.

We have had slightly warmer weather the past few days, so I have swapped my heavy coat for a sheepskin gilet. My outfit today is all about natural tones and colours.

I'm wearing khaki green denim jeans from J Brand with two, side zippers, slanted pockets to the front and with zippers at the ankle too. I've matched it with a pair of low-key boots with a knitted faux- foldover at the top. As most of you know, I love mixing and matching different textures. With such a understated ensemble, I've chosen to match it with a loud, 'statement-piece' leopard print, pony-hair bag!

Jeans- J Brand

Jumper- H & M

Boots- Karen Millen

GIlet- Karl Donoghue

Bag- Dolce and Gabbana



Useful Tip:

Mixing textures adds a more interesting element to any outfit even when the colours are low-key! (I.e. in today's outfit, I have mixed suede, sheepskin, knit, denim, and even pony-hair too!)

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