01/05/2012 05:54 BST | Updated 29/06/2012 06:12 BST

Today I'm Wearing

Apologies for the long break! My life has been manic and quite frankly with this weather I have been very reluctant to post as I find it quite depressing to wear anything decent while it's raining! Anyhow, today is looking much better and so here we go for what I'm wearing today!

I have chosen this combination of 'jewel' colours- the purple and the red- as they are bright and rich. I would loved to have worn something pastel as it's supposed to be spring, but I've gone with the richer and darker colours instead.

As most of you can tell by now from reading my Maison Vogue blog, that I love and adore all things ASOS. And *shocker* I much prefer ASOS to Topshop as it suits my style much more. I do go to Topshop occasionally- not going to lie- but some items are very trendy and a little too quirky to suit my style.

I'm going through a 'shorts' phase and as you will see below, I am wearing shorts again. I've paired very simple items with two colour 'pops' and just kept it easy. Most of you will start to see that my style is actually quite simple. I don't like to overload on jewellery and I find busy outfits too fussy for my taste. I like things that are classic but with a small quirk, whether that may be in the colour or in the design.

Shirt- Asos

Shorts- Asos

Bag- Chanel


Sunglasses- Tom Ford

Useful Tip:

Wearing shorts is a nice substitute to wearing a skirt and much more comfortable!

Vivian x