12/12/2012 12:35 GMT | Updated 09/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Today I'm Wearing

Today I'm wearing bright and rich colours by pulling out the yellow jacket from Asos that I wore a few posts ago and I have paired it with one of my favourites- the deep purple, side-tie top also from Asos. The blue, capped point from the heels adds a little more colour to the ensemble while complimenting the purple top nicely too-(if you look from afar, they look like they match!) I've kept everything else simple and to a minimum, and with my jeans and handbag both being black, the colours can stand out on their own.

Some of you may have started to notice that I wear this top quite a lot in the autumn/winter season. This is because those jewel tones are always suitable for this time of year and because it covers me up that much more -keeping me warm! If I'm not wearing heavy outerwear this time of year (in today's post for example), then I will always keep a chunky scarf or snood in my bag!

Jacket- ASOS


Jeans- J Brand

Shoes- Yves Saint Laurent

Bag- Louis Vuitton




Useful Tip:

When wearing a collarless jacket or coat, be sure to wear a neckline that doesn't clash!

You can wear a tidy higher neckline, or wear a lower simple one- nothing in between!

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