26/09/2014 10:51 BST | Updated 24/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Seven Film Festivals to Get Your Outdoors Fix This Winter

Now that we're officially into Autumn, it's time to plan for the darker days ahead and what treats are due. When it comes to thinking about snow or escaping to surf somewhere in the sun, outdoors films, festivals and tours provide a handy placebo.

Those living in North America and Europe are inundated with tours during the winter season, with most passing through London for at least one screening. Here are seven highlights, including selections from Canada, Californian snowboard legends and one homegrown festival that's become a real scene for the surf industry.


European Outdoor Film Tour (E.O.F.T.)

Hitting UK shores at the beginning of November, E.O.F.T. shows films from the world's best outdoors athletes and adventures. Major productions include all-female freeski movie 'Shades of Winter', climber Will Gadd's winter project on the icy Helmcken Falls in British Columbia and 'Frozen River', a story of four women and their attempt to kayak the 3000-kilometre Amur River in Mongolia.

Showing at the Royal Geographical Society on 1st and 2nd November. Full details of other tour dates can be found at


The REEL ROCK Tour is a juggernaut of a road trip, visiting over 75 cities in the total circuit. As the name suggests, this tour is all about climbing and will be celebrating its ninth edition with feature-length film 'Valley Uprising'. The film tracks the history of climbing in Yosemite and the counter culture the Valley has inspired within the 'extreme bohemian' lifestyle. Tales of red wine, boiled potatoes and clashes with National Park authorities do feature.

Screening on 20th and 21st October at Conway Hall, and Portobello Pop Up Cinema on 30th October. More information is available at

Banff Mountain Film Festival

Similar to E.O.F.T., the Banff Mountain Film Festival covers films from a wide variety of alpine sports. Featured productions are selected during the actual Festival, held in Alberta's outdoors hub in November, after which they will make their way to 440 venues in over 40 countries during the entire tour - the largest reach of any outdoors film event.

On show at Union Chapel on 11th, 12th and 13th March. More information at

Ocean Film Festival

The Ocean Film Festival is already touring the UK with its near-tragic tales of novice rowers going astray on the Indian Ocean, and one paraplegic woman who discovered her lifelong dream to surf could be solved with a roll of duct tape. Other films from the deep blue follow professional freedivers, underwater museums and a friendship that develops between fishermen and a local whale shark.

London has been gifted one more screening, now at The Conway on 6th October. More information at

Jeremy Jones' 'Higher'

When Teton Gravity Research team up with one of the most renowned snowboarders of all time, there's good reason to get your baggy clothes together and take time to sit back and appreciate. The main centrepiece for the film is of course Jeremy Jones, snowboarding veteran and one of the few athletes to have been able to keep up such great form during a career that spans nearly 20 years.

Showing in London on 28th October (location TBA). Keep an eye on for tickets.

London Surf Film Festival

Held over four days in October, the LS/FF festival screens feature-length films from around the world. Among the list of premieres includes the story of Irish champion surfer Easkey Britton's visit to become the first woman to surf in Iran, and breaks and wakes off Alaska, Patagonia and New Hampshire. Another UK premiere, 'Stephanie in the Water', follows world champion surfer Stephanie Gilmore in an insightful documentary that reveals a darker side to life on the road.

Showing at The Genesis between the 9th and 12th of October. More information at

International Freeski Film Festival (iF3)

Coming to the UK for the first time, iF3 features freeski movies around a festival vibe. Its London showing in early October will include four films across three screens, athlete interviews and of course one of its notorious after-parties.

The single-day festival is on 2nd October, more details here: