13/03/2012 07:19 GMT | Updated 13/05/2012 06:12 BST

The Apprentice's New Candidates: Notes on the Boys' Dress Sense

First impressions are vital in business. The Apprentice kicks off again on our screens next week and pictures have been released of the latest batch of candidates that will take part in the marathon job interview in order to gain investment from Lord Sugar. What struck me about the latest bunch - especially the boys - was their inability to dress properly. Men have become complacent and now think that by chucking on a suit it will make them look good. Oh no. How wrong can they get?

Here are my notes on the male candidates' dress sense and what it does to help that overall first impression.

Pictures of the candidates can been seen at the bottom of this blog.

Stephen Brady - The suit!!! Heavens! So shiny it looks cheap. Shiny suits may work on Graham Norton but there is no place for them in the boardroom. His equally disgusting waistcoat should have the bottom button undone. This custom is thought to originate from the times of King Edward VII who was so large he had to have his bottom button underdone; so for another gentleman to fasten his own was the height of rudeness and showed disrespect towards the King. (Although it has also been suggested that unfastening the bottom button prevented the waistcoat riding up when on horseback.) First impression: 2/5

Tom Gearing - The haircut is good, tidy and off the face. The top pocket-handkerchief if a nice touch and he's opted for the linear style, favoured by the Duke of Edinburgh. Tom's hands should be out of the pocket and his jacket should be fastened as he's standing up. First impression: 4/5.

Adam Corbally - Bless! He looks like a rabbit caught in headlights. His three-button suit is good for someone of taller stature as it complements his height, however he needs to fasten only the middle button. His hands are badly placed (in front) as this draws the eyeline towards the crotch. Unless he's about to take a penalty then they should be placed elsewhere. The shirt collar is also a tad too big. First impression: 3/5

Duane Bryan - A nice looking suit: let down by the tie, which looks like it's had an argument with the shirt collar. Hands should be out of the pockets, too (only one hand allowed at most) and he has fastened both buttons (incorrect!) First impression: 3/5

Ricky Martin - Did the photographer tell them all to stick their hands in their pockets? Clearly! His hairstyle isn't the greatest for his shape of head - it looks like a Troll doll fresh from their summer trim. The William Morris inspired tie is quirky and I kind of like it. Button issue again. First impression: 3/5

Michael Copp - The tie needs a bit of adjustment and perhaps a slightly thinner knot. Again, both buttons are fastened (does no modern man know the rules?) Michael has opted for stubble, and mercifully it is tidy and has good coverage but for the sleek business look he and his new colleagues are going for, shave it off! First impression: 3/5

Nick Holzherr - A brown tie! Well, it's a look, isn't it? Nick's hair is a bit teeny-bobber-ish and he'd look much better if he went to a good barber's and had an inch or two taken off. Hands & buttons are an issue, again (I feel like a broken record!) First impression: 4/5

Azhar Siddique - A very contemporary suit, with some Italian undertones. The lighter blue works well with his colouring and his choice of toning the shirt and the tie is good. If only he wasn't spoiling the natural line of his jacket by fastening the bottom button and removed his hands from his pockets he may get a higher score. First impression: 4/5

Meet this year's contestants in the slideshow below...