22/02/2013 10:53 GMT | Updated 23/04/2013 06:12 BST

What January Detox ?


Did you go dry for January? Quit being so 2012 !

The latest research shows that the concept of detoxing is deeply flawed at best - and at worse actually harmful. You see the liver cleanses and detoxes itself on a daily basis and is pretty damn efficient at doing its job. So cutting out whole groups of food and drink for a month in the hope of undoing the damage of December, only to go back to normal on February 1st is a pointless exercise - according to David Bender, a professor of nutritional biochemistry at University College London.

In the recent edition of the British Society of Biology's journal, The Biologist, adds that the idea that "large amounts of toxic waste accumulate in our bodies and must be eliminated by some kind of dietary regime is a total fallacy, commercial propaganda."

So before you go out and blow your alcohol budget on protein shakes, bear in mind that studies show people who drink responsibly (yes it's the old 'everything in moderation' thing again) are actually healthier and less at risk from heart attacks and strokes than the teetotalers of this world - and we reckon a bit more fun too!

Here at Vestal Vodka, we've always advocated sipping and savoring quality beverages and couldn't agree more with the latest advice from experts who advise white spirits with low sugar mixers such as Vodka tonic or soda with a squeeze of fresh lemon/lime.

To limit the damage - and hangover this month, we recommend the 2011 Kaszebe the perfect base for a clean, crisp sharpener.

Happy sipping