26/03/2014 10:14 GMT | Updated 25/05/2014 06:59 BST

Seven Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

As entrepreneurs we have evolved into the modern day superheroes, constantly on the go, solving problems and creating jobs. With the same 24 hours as the rest of you, the question is, how do we get it all done in a day?

I''ve figured that behind every good entrepreneur is a great team and of course some problem solving apps! Here's my 7 key apps that every busy entrepreneur shouldn't live without.

1. Google Apps

This essential apps let you create, share and store your emails and documents all in one place. Much like Dropbox, you can access files wherever you are, but the great advantage of Google Drive is that you have the flexibility to use it offline and can edit collaborated files in real time, giving you and your team the help you need to work more efficiently.

2. EchoSign

Transform the way that you work with your customers by getting new client contracts signed, sealed and delivered electronically. EchoSign works for your business by helping you to get your deals closed and eliminating the waiting time and paperwork! It can also be seamlessly integrated with your Google Apps.


Engaging with your audience and reaching potential customers is essential for any business, so you'll be sure to want this leading social media dashboard. Hootsuite is designed to be a central hub for all of your social media platforms, sending messages across multiple platforms at the click of one button. With features allowing you to analyse, schedule and monitor your content, you'll never miss a tweet, comment or hashtag.

4. Evernote

This genius app was made with entrepreneurs like yourself in mind, providing a hub to organise all your ideas, sketch your visions and capture inspiration whilst on your travels. Your great ideas can be shared with members of your team or transformed into a presentation, just in time for your weekly office meeting - very handy for a busy entrepreneur!

5. Full

Full allows you to set your goals, track your progress, and then review what you've accomplished.

When you work for yourself a sense of accomplishment can be hard to come by - there's no pat on the back from your boss, so this app allows you to monitor your accomplishments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis which in turn gives you a sense of achievement that we all need every once in a while.

6. Pocket!

Now this is a hidden gem definitely worth downloading. How many times have you scrolled through your social news feed, making mental notes of all the great articles your contacts are sharing, but then have never got around to reading them. That's where Pocket steps in. It enables you to save articles and videos that you can read or watch later, at your leisure, from anywhere on the web. The app also gets major points from us for being available offline.

7. People Per Hour

I couldn't create a list of essential apps without including our very own mobile app! It's the best way to search, manage or outsource to freelance experts on the go.