21/01/2014 11:58 GMT | Updated 23/03/2014 05:59 GMT

Why Working Mothers Are Worth Every Penny

So you have been through pregnancy, childbirth and the early months looking after baby. And when it is time to return to work you feel completely inadequate. All that occupies your mind is milk feeds, washing clothes, routine, and where the next unbroken sleep might be coming from.

Fear not. Once the fog has cleared, you will go back a better worker. And the fog will clear within days of returning.

Why will you return a super worker? Firstly, the party days are over. Like it or not your priorities have shifted from popping to the shops after work and meeting up with a girlfriend for a crisp vino, to getting home in time for bath and bed. Because even though it's the most stressful time of the day for the little one, who is tired and ready for their 12 hours, if you miss it, you miss out. Which all translates into you being at home, rested, more than you were pre-baby. This of course is conducive to a clear mind. Perfect for work the next day.

Secondly, you are trying desperately to shift that baby weight, which means you might be jogging, hitting the gym, swimming, walking, whatever your chosen discipline, we've all been there. Again, being fit and healthy pays dividends to your ability to concentrate and perform at work.

And then there is the classic. Time management. Jobs that used to take 1 hour now take 20 minutes. Why? Because when you only have 20 minutes and the job needs to be done you suddenly become more inventive. That is what makes you brilliant 'returner to the workplace', you become more creative, you start to think differently. Those sleepless nights and endless tasks focus the mind.

And the most important of all is the need to provide. Essentially many decisions to return to work are led by financial necessity. You are no longer working for yourself; you are working for your family. The incentive is far greater and increases your ability to figure out solutions and make it work.

For some the need to be flexible is paramount. The traditional 9-5 (or 8-7 which is quite normal in many jobs) is not conducive to looking after little ones. Babies will go to sleep at seven. That gives you a good couple of hours right there. So unless your employer devises a way for you to work remotely and choose your own hours, becoming your own boss has many practical advantages. Not least the ability to control your own working hours. Many returning mothers have great skills, have had glittering careers, have the 'I can do better than that' attitude, and have the years of experience in their field making them perfect for being their own boss.

As Creative Director of Start Up Loans I have seen hundreds of mothers do just that. The government is calling for all returning parents with entrepreneurial flair to come forward to realise their dream and make family life and professional life work harmoniously. And of course it is not just mothers, whoever the primary carer is, being your own boss can give you the flexibility you need to fulfil all your varied requirements.

So whether you are wanting to return to work, looking for a new position, or are thinking of starting your own business, remember to focus on the positive and embrace the enormous change in your life. New chapters bring new opportunities. And new opportunities will bring new and enhanced rewards. You can have it all!

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