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Doing Well by Doing Good

I am so fortunate to love the work that I do. And, sometimes, it is possible to improve the lives of others through my work. Do let me tell you about some of my recent projects...

Back again!

I am so fortunate to love the work that I do. And, sometimes, it is possible to improve the lives of others through my work. Do let me tell you about some of my recent projects...

First, my new collaboration with People Tree

After an eye-opening trip to India with People Tree Founder CEO Safia Minney, I am thrilled to launch my limited edition range with People Tree in August 2013!

Safia is a social justice activist and an internationally recognized leader in making fair trade a reality. To quote from the People Tree website, "Fair Trade doesn't just mean paying a fair price. It is an entirely different way of doing business. Fair Trade puts people and the environment central to doing business.

"The objective of Fair Trade is not profit at any cost, but to help people in the world's most marginalized communities escape poverty, strengthen their communities and promote environmental sustainability."

I am honored to participate in this process. I simply cannot wait to show people how this collaboration will produce exotic contemporary designs for practical and beautiful garments while helping those in nations experiencing poverty because of underdeveloped financial infrastructure. Read more about this wonderful company:

Women's health

Meanwhile, back in California, I have had a long relationship with the American Heart Association and particularly their "Go Red for Women" initiatives which have helped women learn about their specific health needs and preventive care for heart disease. Earlier this year I produced a fashion show for the annual San Diego major fundraising luncheon, and in September I will be teaming up with the American Heart Association once again to continue to help raise awareness about heart disease in women. The first annual San Diego Go Red for Women 'Strut' will mix fun and fashion with a combination of auctions, polo matches and, of course, tons and tons of RED! I shall be providing some of my 'notable' red garments which were worn by our heart disease survivor models in February. This new upcoming event is sure to be a great success!

For more information, contact Mary Ostrander at

And in London, I am trying to help this important women's health cause: breast cancer research.

Breast Cancer Ambassador

I have just become the Breast Cancer Ambassador for London. I have been given this title by Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London. I am a long-standing supporter of the research charity Breast Cancer Campaign, and will be helping the mayor to raise awareness of the disease, and promoting London as a leading center for research in this field.

Women's Empowerment

California: Rancho Santa Fe Women's Fund (events)

I am also honored to have been asked to speak at the 2013 Annual Membership Meeting of the Rancho Santa Fe Women's Fund this year on 12 November, 2013 to help celebrate their 10th year of grant making! The Women's Fund aims to commit both time and money to improve the needs of the community. This year's theme is 'Women Empowerment' and they tell me that I embody this perfectly... I shall do my very best ensure that this will be fun; this is the organization's largest, best-attended gathering of the year!

Back soon with tales of tents, my spot on CNN and a fashion show for the FTM!

And its bye for now... ZR