WhatsApp Free Text Messaging App Makes It To Top Of Charts

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PRESS ASSOCIATION -- An app which allows gadget users to send text messages for free has topped a UK app chart.

WhatsApp Messenger made it to the top of the App Store Official UK Charts in the paid-for top iPhone apps category.

The software allows users to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. It is particularly popular because unlike other apps of its kind it can be used to send messages between different brands of smartphone.

Other favourites that made it into the charts include Angry Birds, which has reportedly topped 500 million downloads since its launch in 2009. It was third in the paid-for iPhone category, while the Angry Birds Seasons spin-off made it to eighth in the same list.

Another hit was puzzle video game Amazing Breaker, which topped the iPhone Apps Charts in the free category and came second in the paid-for category.

Games such as Shadowgun and video on demand software such as the Sky Movies app dominated the paid-for and free charts for iPad apps.

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