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The theory behind Industry 4.0 is that it will effectively create what has been called a 'smart factory', which utilises cutting edge technology, including cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things and cloud computing, in order to monitor the physical processes of a factory and make informed, decentralised decisions.
'No amount of shit memes is worth that.'
He started collecting games since 2001.
Christmas is usually the time that tips most Facebook users over the edge, whether it’s pictures of your mates’ babies dressed
Sure you could put your car in your garage, but why do that when you could turn it into a 1980s-style arcade? Mat Corne, 40
Australian Professor says 'trivial amounts' of tallow in new notes.
The Australian inventor of the polymer used on the new fiver has said the row over traces of animal fat in the note is “absolutely
Don't get me wrong, I and millions of other women will be happy to have one breastfeeding emoji at least. Big thanks to Rachel Lee and Joshua Jones - the design may not be perfect but we owe them our gratitude for getting this far.
The shorter the commute, the longer your get to lie in bed. At least, that’s what we presume was going through Frantisek