Charlotte Church, Anne Diamond And Joanna Yeates Teacher Appear At Leveson Inquiry (Live Updates)

28/11/2011 06:19 | Updated 27 January 2012

Singer Charlotte Church, broadcaster Anne Diamond and the retired teacher wrongly arrested for Joanna Yeates' murder are to give evidence to the Leveson Inquiry.

Church is expected to describe how the News of the World published a story about her father having an affair despite knowing that her mother had just been admitted to hospital after a suicide attempt.

The inquiry into press standards has heard that she also endured media intrusion ranging from journalists installing secret cameras in bushes to photographers trying to open the doors of cars and take pictures up her skirt.

Church will take the stand amid questions over how a political blogger managed to access the evidence of former Number 10 communications chief Alastair Campbell ahead of his own appearance before Lord Justice Leveson.

Papers submitted to the inquiry by Mr Campbell were obtained by Paul Staines, who blogs under the name Guido Fawkes, and published online on Sunday afternoon. They detailed the former spin doctor's belief that a story revealing Cherie Blair's pregnancy printed by the Daily Mirror in 1999 could have been obtained by phone hacking.

Mr Staines, who claimed to have accessed the papers "by legal means", has now been summoned to give evidence to the inquiry.

During the hearing, Ms Diamond will recount her belief that parts of the press waged a vendetta against her for nearly two decades after she asked Rupert Murdoch what he thought about "the fact that his newspapers ruined people's lives".

Former teacher Christopher Jefferies will tell the inquiry that certain papers destroyed his reputation after police wrongly arrested him on suspicion of the murder of landscape architect Joanna Yeates in Bristol in December last year.

Lord Justice Leveson will also hear evidence today from former British Army intelligence officer Ian Hurst and Northern Ireland human rights campaigner Jane Winter. They claim their email correspondence was illegally accessed by private investigators working for the News of the World.

While he will not be addressing the probe into press standards until Wednesday, Mr Campbell will see his evidence published on the Leveson Inquiry's official website before his appearance.

28/11/2011 16:18 GMT

Leveson Inquiry closes

The Inquiry will resume on Tuesday at 10am.

28/11/2011 16:17 GMT

Leveson and Guido Fawkes issue

Leveson made an order demanding Alastair Campbell's witness statement be removed. The owner of the website, Paul Staines, has been summoned to appear before Leveson on Wednesday to explain how he acquired the document.

28/11/2011 16:11 GMT

Anne Diamond finishes giving evidence to Leveson Inquiry

Leveson turns his attention to the Guido Fawkes issue for this morning and decides he must give a ruling about the problem.

28/11/2011 16:06 GMT

No fear of regulation

@ jamesro47 :

Broadcast experience shows proprietors need not fear regulation, Diamond says. Fair point #leveson

28/11/2011 16:05 GMT

Bad press ruining the industry

Diamond tells Leveson directly: "It doesn't have to be like this. It's so sad that a handful of journalists have besmirched the press in this way."

28/11/2011 16:01 GMT

Diamond's relationship with Sun newspaper today

Diamond praises collaboration with The Sun over cot death and relationship with tabloid media in general: "We were a force for good... the popular press is nothing to be ashamed of in this country. It can be a force for good."

"There are two sides to the press. I've no doubt they would pursue me now in the same way as in the past."

28/11/2011 15:55 GMT

Leveson questions diamond about Dawn French article

Diamond wrote a 'supportive' article, congratulating the actress Dawn French about her weight loss. Leveson asks how she makes the judgement about what and who to write about after such press intrusuion into her private life. Diamond's reply is that it does come down to 'a judgement call' , personal values as well as 'taste and decency'.

28/11/2011 15:47 GMT

Broadcast code of conduct don't stifle journalism

Diamond says that the broadcast media have to conform to strict guidelines regarding code of conduct without journalism beein negatively affected. She sees no reason why there shouldn't be a similar code for other media.

28/11/2011 15:42 GMT

Spoiler stories after Diamond funeral

@ SkyFixer69 :

Other papers then ran spoiler stories that we'd done a deal with the Sun allowing the access to the funeral. #Diamond #Leveson

28/11/2011 15:41 GMT

Strong feelings emerging from Leveson today!/bargeboards/status/141179639916793857

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