"He once dreamed of being a modern day Churchill. Now he’s on GB News."
Lachlan Murdoch will take his father's place at the helm of his media empire.
The Radio 2 broadcaster says the corporation "is on its knees" after a second person made claims against the unnamed star.
Senior British politicians are calling on the BBC to rapidly investigate claims that a presenter paid a teenager for explicit photos.
Billed as "required reading around the world", the former prime minister filed on a weight loss wonder drug and "fridge raids for cheddar and chorizo".
The levelling up secretary sidestepped the trip down memory lane, claiming he is just a "pussy cat".
Washington-based radio host Chris Stigall burst out laughing as he explained the cause of the blooper by RealClearPolitics reporter Philip Wegmann.
At one point, the Duke of Sussex appealed directly to the judge about the press "misleading" him.
The Duke of Sussex is appearing in the witness box for the second day running.
Michael Turner, known professionally as Michael Le Vell, has played Kevin Webster in the soap for 40 years.