Exclusive: Survey follows media fall-out from Harry and Meghan's claims of bigotry and controversial race review.
I’ve only ever wanted to be a journalist. But until the media industry confronts its racism, Black women like me will never truly be welcome.
Getty Images has revealed the top selling images for the term “woman” globally between the years 2007 and 2019.
The Met has a record of spying on anti-racist activists and killing Black people. They are the last people who should set the agenda, writes HuffPost UK’s Ramzy Alwakeel.
Executive director Ian Murray sparked a backlash when he claimed the UK media was "not bigoted" in the wake of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview.
The media industry is toxic for far too many people from under-represented groups. Leaders like the Society of Editors have to get a grasp of the issue now, writes journalist Marcus Ryder.
New platforms have sprung up, giving Black audiences access to the type of content that is being omitted from the mainstream.
The broadcasting service said the impersonator who was interviewed appeared to be engaged in a "deliberate hoax."
The BBC I’ve worked with for decades isn’t institutionally racist. But the Politics Live controversy shows some there don’t see Jews as a minority, writes Gaby Koppel.
Australia has moved forward with a proposal to force social media and search companies to pay media outlets for their content.