anne diamond

It's not big or clever, but a live TV fall is always funny.
Anne Diamond was forced to apologise after the incident last month.
"Isn’t it amazing how sometimes people can let you down? There’s always one..."
'In the '80s, the media in this country felt it was absolutely OK to say the cruellest things.'
‘Loose Women’ panellist Anne Diamond has opened up about why she declined the opportunity to take part in the show’s recent
Katie's examining her own soul now. And don't make fun. She has a soul. She's a real person, a fragile human being for whom all of the "Loose Women" matriarchs feel a real and acute sense of protectiveness.
I've been sickened by all the talk recently of it being a "fact" that mums and dads always secretly have a favourite among their children, and that those who don't have the courage to admit it are in denial. I absolutely refute that.
Getting in and out of my little house has become an utter nightmare in the past few days - because it is covered, almost literally, with the most disgusting, enormous, rampaging crane flies, daddy-long-legs and spiders.
Apparently, according to the newspapers this week, I am one of a new breed of HENS. Yes, that's me, I'm a hen. And apart from the insulting clucking implication, or perhaps the suggestion that people my age have little brain and even less purpose, it stands for Happy Empty Nester.
This fantasy division between 'types' of woman - mothers and whores - has been well hashed. What is interesting is how, in the concurrent panics over tits - lads' mags, TV presenters - such different discourse is used.