Jeremy Vine Show Brexit Debate Livens Up As Andy West Falls Off His Chair

It's not big or clever, but a live TV fall is always funny.

He’s not the first person to do it and he won’t be the last, but we reckon Andy West might be a little red-faced after clattering off his chair during today’s Jeremy Vine Show.

The former Big Brother housemate is a semi-regular panellist on the Channel 5 programme and has faced many formidable sparring partners in debate.

Today though, his opponent was his a chair... and Andy lost this one.

Oh no 🙈
Oh no 🙈
Channel 5

The incident occurred during a debate on Brexit, as Anne Diamond (who was sitting in for Jeremy Vine) tried to pass Andy a “Brexit swear box” for him to put money in every time he mentions the UK’s impending departure from the EU.

Unfortunately, Andy couldn’t quite reach across, and his chair slipped off the small stage.

Attempting to style it out, Andy said: “That, I did on purpose to sum up what will happen to the British economy when we leave Europe.”

Having watched the clip (over and over, we have to admit) it seems pretty clear the incident was not intentional though. Sorry, Andy.

Tweeting about it after, Andy called the fall his “fail of the day”.

“My rocky relationship with inanimate objects goes back many years. I maintain, chairs are evil,” he added.

His crash landing was almost as epic as the one John Barrowman previously suffered in the Loose Women studio back in 2016.

The Torchwood actor had been larking about while wearing a pair of red heels for a live link on the ITV daytime show, when all of a sudden his legs flew in the air as he hit the floor.

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