Susannah Constantine Drops F-Bomb In Good Morning Britain Blunder


What is it with celebrities dropping the F-bomb on daytime TV of late?

Fresh from Fleabag star Sian Clifford turning the air blue on Sunday Brunch earlier this week, Susannah Constantine has gone and done exactly the same thing on Good Morning Britain.

The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant let out a whoopsie on the ITV breakfast show on Friday, as she discussed why she chooses to sleep in a separate bed from her husband.

Susannah Constantine might not be invited back on Good Morning Britain in a hurry
Susannah Constantine might not be invited back on Good Morning Britain in a hurry

Susannah told hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway that the “wriggling drives me insane”, continuing: “A good night’s sleep is the bedrock for everything … The anxiety goes down, the household is happier, I’m a better wife, I’m a better mother. I can write better.

“When we go on holidays or go and stay with people, we always sleep together. “We’ve been married for nearly 24 years and it was very important for us, for our children, when they were young, to see us going to bed together, sleeping together and having a united family unit.

“Now they’re older and they understand, I’m like ’Oh fuck’s sake’.”

Ben was swift to interject with an apology, also reminding Susannah what time of day it was.

“Apologies to anyone (who heard) Susannah express herself. It’s not the time in the morning to be doing that, Susannah,” he said.

“Did you have a good night’s sleep?”

The fashion guru said: “Excuse my language. That wasn’t really … It just popped out.”

Enjoy lots more accidental daytime TV swearing in the gallery below...


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