Good Morning Britain

The former MP told the Pop Idol star he'd "inspired" him to speak publicly about his own stammer.
Richard Holden clashed with the former Labour bruiser during an awkward grilling on Good Morning Britain.
The pair's Argentine Tango on Saturday's live show sparked plenty of conversation on social media.
“I woke up to all these horrific messages on Instagram being called horrible names.”
The GMB host asked Layla Moran is she knew the Hamas massacre was coming.
Layla Moran said she wondered if the query came from "a place of ignorance".
The Fawlty Towers star has joined the controversial broadcaster amid a number of departures.
John Cleese Tells Ed Balls To 'Shut Up' On Good Morning Britain
The late singer’s ex-husband has spoken out on what would have been Amy’s 40th birthday.
The daytime anchor has been absent from GMB for the past week due to illness.